Island Bamboo 13" Two Tone Wooden Spoon & Spatula 4pc Utensil Set

Island Bamboo 13" Two Tone Wooden Spoon & Spatula 4pc Utensil Set

  • $29.95


Island bamboo utensils are perfect cooking serving

Set includes soup spoon slotted corner amp spatula

Will scratch cookware bakeware

Attractive two-tone design -inch long

Island bamboo products are earth friendly choice kitchenware because they high quality with long useful life manufactured renewable resource thoughtfully packaged reduce waste brand exclusively moso which food source china's endangered giant panda does threaten their natural habitat viable alternative wood petroleum based plant grows abundantly much two feet per day little water while providing more oxygen than similar standings timber it's feel good about utensils perfect cooking serving set includes traditional spoon features smooth head tapered handle both stirring slotted three alternating sized slots draining liquids spatula blunt edge scraping saut pans pots mixing bowls corner featuring angled rounded make vigorous easier efficient beautiful caramelized finish accented lighter color section darker striking look any kitchen has hole storage overhead wall hooks outfitting many benefits durable lasting -percent harder maple oak naturally anti-microbial mold mildew resistant won't absorb odors flavors


Island Bamboo Hueby Gourmet Forte