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Who would have thought that macrame and fiber art would become so beloved all over again? I love seeing the chunky textures reinterpreted with a punchy modern aesthetic, using more color and minimal line

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s. I made this plant hanging shelf to snugly cradle one of my plant pots, and here’s how you can make one like it. Materials you’ll need for the hanging plant shelf: Jute or hemp twine (in two colors, if you want colorblock accents) 5″ plant pot 6″ square piece of plywood, 19mm (3/4″) thick Drill, 1/2″ spade bit and 8mm (5/16″) timber drill bit Jigsaw 120-grit sandpaper and danish oil (optional) Step by step instruction to build the plant shelf: For the wood surround: Step 1: Drawing process Draw a 4 1/2″ circle onto the timber. Use a compass or (if...

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