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We’ve been traveling through the sunbelt, from Florida to California, for the past several months and have had the delightful experience of seeing many types of cacti and desert plants in their natural setting.

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For us and many other RVers who are not originally from the south, this unique foliage is half the fun of traveling south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Our first sighting of a Saguaro Cactus was almost as exciting as seeing our first bear in Canada. Barrel cactus in bloom. Photo by Peggy Dent We’re from the Northwest, and yes, we miss the dense Northwest forests, but this unique desert foliage including Joshua Trees, Barrel Cacti, Jumping Chollas, Aloes, Agaves, and of course, the Saguaro Cacti, are just as amazing (in their own way) as the majestic stands of Redwoods along...

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