5 Hacks To Glow Up Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

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When it comes to a mini home makeover, people usually opt for a bedroom blitz or a lounge room level-up, however, we’re here to let you know that the humble bathroom revamp is where it’s at. Why check into a luxe hotel when your own bathroom can rival the best? Our thoughts exactly.

With some help from our friends at Spotlight, we’ve rustled up five affordable ways to make your bathroom look and feel not only lush and luxurious but brand spanking new.

Master The Art Of Minimalism 

One of the biggest trends that will transcend well into the new decade is minimalism. Whether it be reflected in your bathroom staples, such as mirrors, towels, plants and laundry hampers, you can learn to customise your bathroom space to ensure it’s both stylish and contemporary. 

The key to minimalism is easy: keep it simple. Which is great when you’re on a budget, clearly. Keep the essentials on display and get creative with hidden storage for the rest. Things like shelving and magnetic strips on the inside of cupboard doors can be an easy way to achieve the look. Neutral, calming tones work well with an overall minimalist aesthetic, so be sure to keep your fluffy robes, towels, hand soaps and candles in shades of white and beige—whoever said beige was boring was definitely wrong. 

Add A Touch Of Luxury

Aside from a plush king bed, the second best thing about checking into a hotel is, of course, the matching fluffy robes and fluffy towels—and it’s super simple to emulate hotel luxuriousness at home. Grab a brass double hook, safely secure it to the wall and hang them high with pride.

To really dial up the indulgence, It’s all about taking things slow. Don’t hide your soap or settle for a subpar, plastic soap pump; pamper yourself and your guests with a matching hand soap and hand cream, and place it front and centre for a luxe display. 

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect 

Mirrors—arguably an underappreciated fixture—can also be adapted to fit any aesthetic and the more mirrors the better. Mirrors are not only super functional but they can transform a small, pokey space by giving the illusion that there’s more of it.

A floor-to-ceiling mirror is a dramatic addition that can certainly take a bathroom from zero to 100 in one fell swoop. But if your space doesn’t accommodate for a larger style—most Art Deco and older bathrooms don’t—you can always try a mirror wall. Get creative with a few modern designs and start covering those walls. And if you have a beautiful bathroom window, try popping a mirror directly opposite it so you can admire that gorgeous view from every angle.  

Keep It Fresh And Leafy

There’s no denying indoor plants instantly lift any space and your bathroom is no different. Pepper yours with some (near) impossible-to-kill plants and elevate it to lush rainforest levels. For the notorious plant killers among us, artificial plants are the way to go. Think small potted succucelents, which are perfect for benchtops or big leafy Fiddle Leafs to make a statement. Oh, and with so many stunning, ceramic indoor planter pots, be sure to house yours in something special. 

Liven Things Up With Colour 

Liven up a space with a fresh colour palette is key, but that doesn’t mean pulling out a paintbrush. You can easily achieve a welcomed splash of colour without having to put your construction hat on. Customise your towel rack or shower curtain and create a consistent aesthetic throughout. The colour you choose will define the mood of your bathroom, so whether you adorn with blue hues, like Pantone’s Colour Of The Year Classic Blue, soft pastels or earthy tones, think about how you—and your guests—want to feel when they step in. 

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