Everything You Need for the Perfect 4th of July Party

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It’s that time of the year when Americans gather together to celebrate our Independence Day. No, not the day those pesky aliens invaded and Will Smith had to save the world, but that time America escaped from British rule and became a free nation. You know, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, fireworks show, etc.

History lesson aside, the national holiday–a favorite of many–is a fantastic time for family and friends to celebrate everything great about America. If you’re planning on going all out and hosting a 4th of July party you need to be prepared. You can’t just offer your guests a six-pack of cheap beer and a few packets of chips while wearing a pair of ratty shorts and flip-flops. Well, to be honest, you could do that, but it doesn’t make for a great July celebration. 

When it comes to your Independence Day celebration you need to provide booze, keep your friends and family entertained with games, sparklers, and fireworks, and make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. And like all good 4th of July parties, there has to be fireworks. To help you plan the ultimate United States 4th of July party we’ve come up with this handy guide of must-haves to make sure you not only look the part but create a party that’s the best on your street. Happy 4th of July! 

Everything You Need for the Perfect 4th of July Party

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Food And Drinks

Best Buy

1. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Say what you want about Pabst Blue Ribbon, but there is no beer people identify more with America than this hipster favorite. It might not be the tastiest beer ever made, but it’s certainly drinkable on a hot summer’s day and goes down well with a hot dog. What’s more, it’s affordable and available in 12 and 18 packs and is sure to keep the party going well into the night. 

2. Gold Bar Whiskey


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If you’re more of a spirits drinker, grab yourself a bottle of Gold Bar Whiskey. Finished in Napa Valley wine barrels, this smooth, well-balanced tipple is great served straight, with a couple of ice cubes, or when added to a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned.

Distilled from 88% corn, 9% rye, and 3% barley, Gold Bar Whiskey has notes of honey, fruit, and subtle spice on the palate. Winner of the Best in Show at the Denver International Spirits Competition and Double Gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition, this is a fantastic all-around whiskey sure to please even the most staunch beer drinker.

Not only does it taste great, but it comes in an eye-catching gold bar bottle with a replica collector-quality brass “Lady of Fortune” coin hand-pressed into it. This only adds to the elegance of Gold Bar Whiskey.

Grab yourself a bottle and make tonight gold!

3. Webber Spirit II E-210 Proppane Gas Grill

Webber Spirit II E-210 Proppane Gas Grill

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One of the most important aspects of any epic 4th of July party is the food. You not only need to keep your guests full with delectable treats, be it burgers or hot dogs, but you must have the right equipment. You can’t go wrong with the Webber Spirit II E-210 Propane Gas Grill.

This two-burner gas grill not only looks great but has tons of high-tech features, such as iGrill capabilities, with an open-cart design that makes it easy to sling burgers and clean once finished. 

4. Igloo Party Bucket Cooler

Igloo Party Bucket Cooler Black/Silver, 20 quart

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You don’t want people trampling through your house and grabbing a beer from the kitchen every five minutes, so your best bet is an Igloo Party Bucket Cooler.

This five-gallon bucket is made from durable and easy-to-clean polypropylene with a foam-insulated body that will keep all your beverages cold. Just load it up with your favorite drinks, fill it with ice, and you’re good to go. 

5. Patriotic Slice & Bake Cookies

patriotic slice

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Show patriotic spirit with these red, white, and blue slice and bake cookies from Williams Sonoma. These butter cookies are easy to whip up and only require 12-15 minutes in the oven before they are ready to be served. They are a fun 4th of July treat the kids will love, as will the adults.


6. Nove Trident Automatic

Nove Trident Automatic

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Where design meets engineering, Nove’s Trident Automatic watch is the perfect luxury timepiece for the modern man. Not only will it look good on your wrist, but it’s sure to make the guests at your bash jealous. 

An update of Nove’s best-selling Trident line, this sophisticated, Swiss-made dive watch houses a Swiss Automatic R150 movement in a beautifully crafted 13.05 mm case with an updated dial crafted from the highest grade of Tahitian Mother of Pearl. The dial and case are set with a double curved sapphire that’s both durable and classy, while the watch index and hands feature Super Luminous technology so you’ll have no problem reading the time when the sun goes down.

The Trident Automatic is both visually stunning and functional, looking great paired with a suit and tie or a casual outfit. Water resistant up to 200 m and available in four attractive colors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better watch to rock this 4th of July. It also means you won’t miss the 4th of July parade!

7. L’Estrange London All Day Linen Collard Shirt

L’Estrange London All Day Linen Collard Shirt

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This trendy shirt from L’Estrange London is ideal for those warm summer days. Made from a blend of soft cotton and linen, this breathable collard shirt has added stretch so you’ll never get too hot or uncomfortable while sitting outside and enjoying a few beers this July 4. 

Not only does it look good and feel great, but the linen in this shirt is also grown from flax plant, the world’s very first plant fiber that’s also a zero-waste crop. This means you can look the part while also doing your bit for the environment. It’s a win-win. 

8. Velasca Summer Collection

Velasca Summer Collection

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Just in time for the warmer weather, Velasca is an Italian shoe brand crafting innovative footwear using traditional methods. Their collection includes six different leather moccasins, three types of boat shoes inspired by Italian sailors, and a line of sophisticated suede espadrilles.

But our pick would have to be the Feree Docker Shoes. These babies are a mix of sports shoes and loafers. Made from suede leather, they’re both practical and stylish. This is the type of shoe you can wear with chinos and a nice shirt for a night out, or with shorts and a polo for a backyard gathering. 

9. American Swim Trunks

ALISISTER Men American Swim Trunks Flag Quick Dry Board Shorts 90S USA Star Striped Beach Boardshorts Mesh Lining Big Tall Summer Surf Swimwear 4th of July Independence Bathing Suit Black and White

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Show your patriotic side with these stylish American board shorts. These swimming trunks are available in a variety of different prints, from classic American flag style with the stripes and stars to one pair featuring the great bald eagle. These trendy shorts come with two side pockets, an elastic waistband, and come in sizes M – 4X large for the bigger fellas. Even Uncle Sam would be proud to wear these. 

10. Wax London Didcot Short Sleeve Shirt

wax london shirt

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British label Wax London is known for producing premium quality menswear that’s also sustainable, with the brand’s Didcot Short Sleeve Shirt clear evidence of this. Inspired by the style of the 50s, this laid-back shirt is made from 100% Viscose fabric (a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp), features eco-friendly Corozo nut buttons, and has a cool faded watercolor-inspired print.

It’s the type of shirt for all occasions and definitely the type of summer wear you can rock at any 4th of July party. 

11. Oliver Cabel Low 1 Sneakers

Oliver Cabel Low 1 Sneakers

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Up your shoe game with a pair of sneakers from Oliver Cabel. We’re big fans of this independent shoe brand and can’t say enough good things about their products. 

When it comes to a stylish sneaker that goes with any outfit, you can’t look past their best-selling Low 1 shoe. These all-white kicks are made in Italy from full-grain calfskin leather with Italian cotton laces, are available in a wide range of sizes, and best of all, are super comfortable.

Oliver Cabel also believes in fair pricing, with each shoe on their website accompanied by a cost breakdown, so you can see how much is being spent to create the shoes and what you are paying for them. Neat hey? 

12. CDLP Pool Shorts

CDLP Pool Short

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Starting life as an underwear brand, CDLP is now just as famous for its trendy collection of clothing staples, including these fashionable Pool Shorts. Made from 100% Ecovero, these lightweight, knee-length swimming trunks are great for those who like to take a dip but prefer to keep their privates locked away rather than on show for all to see in a pair of Speedos. 

Available in several cool colors, these Pool Shorts are multi-functional, serving as both a great pair of swimmers and a stylish pair of everyday shorts.

13. Duke + Dexter Hunt Driving Loafer

navy driver loafer

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Although originally created for those who spend much of their time in cars, these days driving shoes are as much a fashion accessory as a functional shoe. Case in point: the Duke + Dexter Hunt Driving Loafer.

This delightful shoe merges the best aspects of a driving shoe (grippy under sole) with the classic look of a loafer (stylish design created for comfort). Handcrafted in Spain and featuring a flexible construction, these driving loafers are made using Italian suede and come in a striking shade of blue. The subtle embossed D + D logo adds a touch of luxury to the Hunt Driving Loafer that sets it apart from other brands. 

Home Decor

14. American Flag Party Bundle Cutlery Set

American Flag Party Bundle, Includes Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups and Cutlery (Serves 24, 144 Total Pieces)

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If you’re going to whip up classic American food like burgers and hot dogs, then you might as well eat them with USA-themed cutlery. This patriotic cutlery set is emblazoned with the three colors of the American flag and will fill you with pride as you chow down on lunch.

The set includes 24 American flag plates, 24 American flag napkins, 24 American flag paper cups, 24 sets of cutlery, and 1 American flag tablecloth. The best part is once everyone has eaten, you can throw these items in the trash and not have to worry about doing any dishes!

15. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explorer

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explorer

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You’re going to need music at your 4th of July party so you can rock out to some quintessential American tunes from the likes of the great Bruce Springsteen, so get your hands on one of these nifty speakers from Bang & Olufsen.

The premium electronic brand’s latest creation is a durable Bluetooth speaker made for the outdoors. It’s scratch-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, comes in three colors (black anthracite, green, and grey mist), and is small enough to be unobtrusive. 

All you need to do is connect the speaker to your favorite streaming service and you’ll have a whopping 27 hours of playtime from this handy speaker, more than enough to get you through your big day celebrating all things America. 

16. 4th Of July Tablecloth

4th of July Tablecloth, 2 Pack American Flag Plastic Table Covers(54”x72”) for Patriotic Party Supplies, Decorations for Independence, Memorial, Veterans Day

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As well as a cutlery set, you’re going to need something to cover the table, so you might as well get yourself one of these 4th of July Tablecloths. This pack comes with two tablecloths with the image of the American flag plastered on them. 

Each tablecloth is big enough to cover a rectangle table up to six feet and is made of waterproof material, making them easy to clean and reusable. The price is also great and a 60 day money-back guarantee means you can even send it back once your party is done and dusted. 

Outdoor Games

17. 3-In-1 Game Set

3-In-1 Game Set

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If you’re hosting an afternoon get-together, there’s a likely chance someone will have kids. To keep them happy, why not invest in this fantastic 3-In-1 Game Set. This super cheap set includes a net, net stand, volleyball, two oversized rackets, an oversized and standard-sized tennis ball, and a birdie.

This gives the kids (and sporty adults) a chance to play volleyball, have a hit of tennis, or play badminton. A great game set that will keep the kids occupied for hours, or until they lose all the balls. 

18. H2GO! Single Water Slide

H2GO! Single Water Slide

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Summer is officially here and if you don’t have a pool, this might be the next best thing. The H2GO! Single Water Slide is an 18” plastic slide perfect for the backyard and that’s sure to keep both adults and children entertained for hours. 

Hook it up to your garden hose and the in-built sprinklers will do the rest. This neat slide comes with bumpers and a wet drench pool at the end to ensure everyone gets suitably wet and stays nice and cool. 

19. American Flag Cornhole Boards

American Flag Cornhole Boards

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Here’s a game everyone can enjoy. Cornhole is an American tradition whereby you have to try and throw bean bags into a hole on an elevated platform, known as a cornhole board.

This set from Wild Sports is ideal for the 4th of July as it comes with two cornhole boards featuring a distressed image of the American flag. The finely crafted wooden boards also come with eight cornfield bean bags and are available in a variety of sizes. 

20. Phantom Fireworks July 4th Jubilation

Phantom Fireworks July 4th Jubilation

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While they might not be an outdoor game, fireworks can be just as fun, especially for the kids. While there are dozens of different types to choose from, why not keep it American-themed with this great set from Phantom Fireworks.

The July 4th Jubiltion firework pack contains 12 patriotic 200 gram repeaters offering explosive patterns in the traditional red, white, and blue. As the official description reads, “this firework has 12 shots of red and blue bursts with white strobe, then red dahlia with blue pearl ending with crown brocade with red and white strobe.”

In other words, these fireworks are America personified and a great way to end your 4th of July party. 

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