A gazebo is the perfect structure to fill a backyard area with, assuming you have the space for one

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Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes and there plenty of styles to choose from as well. The easiest option would be to buy a gazebo and to take advantage of all the nice designs and extra features that a lot of models offer so let’s check out a few and see what the best options are right now.
1. Sunjoy Gazebo with Mosquito Netting

This is a really nice gazebo if you’re looking for something sturdy, elegant and also easy to take apart and to put back together if or when needed. The size in this case is quite generous. The total footprint of this gazebo is 10′ x 12′ and the canopy measures 11′ x 13”. The frame is made of steel and canopy is 100% polyester. It’s water and fire resistant and comes in three color options: brown, hunter green and maroon. It has a vented double roof design and also comes with a few extra features such as the mosquito netting, plant rings, corner shelves and a hook hanging at the center in case you want to add a fan or some lighting.
Amazon's Choice Sunjoy Gazebo with Mosquito Netting
Water and fire resistant 100% polyester canopy (overall color is brown with tan piping)
View Deal 2. Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo with Netting

This is a fairly similar design which features the same combination of steel and fabric. It’s very sturdy and durable and it maintains a lightweight and stylish appearance thanks to the sleek frame rods and elegant details. It’s easy to set up without any tools and has a footprint of 10′ by 12′. Like the previous model, it comes with mosquito netting for full protection and a hook at the center of the canopy where you can hang a light fixture or a fan if needed.
one year warranty Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo with Netting
The easy set up construction will have you set up within half an hour
View Deal 3. Sunjoy Hampton Softtop Steel Gazebo with Netting

A lot of gazebos share the same main specifications and even have very similar designs so it’s usually the little details and extra features that help you make a decision. This gazebo has a really simple design with no unnecessary elements or purely decorative details. At the same time, it has a stylish and versatile design. The canopy is made of polyester fabric and measures 10′ x 10′. The vent at the top prevents heat build up. There’s also full-length mosquito netting which can be installed if needed.
cool design Sunjoy Hampton Softtop Steel Gazebo with Netting
Full length mosquito netting
View Deal 4. Sonoma Iron Gazebo Canopy with Net Draper

The same combination of steel and polyester is expressed in the form of an elegant and versatile gazebo which can be installed in gardens, backyards and other outdoor spaces. This one has a double vented canopy and measures 118”L x 118”W x 107”H in total. The steel frame provides stability and is very strong and durable and the polyester canopy offers shade and protection from the elements. You can get this is beige and light brown and you can assemble the entire thing without the need for any tools. The gazebo also comes with adjustable netting.
Assembly Required Sonoma Iron Gazebo Canopy with Net Draper
The Sonoma Gazebo adds a functional touch to any outdoor living space.
View Deal 5. Simple 13 x 13 Pop-Up Canopy Gazebo

If you’re looking for a gazebo that’s easy to install and to disassemble and portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or only bring out on certain occasions, this one should fit the requirements. It’s a portable pop-up gazebo which weighs 59 lbs (26.7 kg) in total and can be assembled within minutes. It has a double roof canopy for added stability and good ventilation and a sturdy steel frame with a rust-resistant powder coated finish. The frame can be adjusted at 3 different heights. The footprint of this gazebo is 10′ x 10′ and the canopy measures 13′ x 13′.
portable 13 x 13 Pop-Up Canopy Gazebo
Gorgeous pagoda design double roof made of high quality polyester (UV Protection)
View Deal 6. Large BBQ Grill Pergola with Sun Shade Gazebo

In case you prefer something a bit more open and airy, a gazebo might not be the most suitable option. Consider instead something similar but simpler such as this beautiful pergola. It has a simple aluminum frame with straight lines and clean angles and a fabric canopy that can either be stretched or folded, depending on your needs and personal preferences. The pergola measures 10 ft x 13 ft. It’s lightweight, rust-resistant as well as UV and fire-resistant.
modern design Large BBQ Grill Pergola with Sun Shade Gazebo
This classically designed pergola adds elegance and ambience to your outdoor living space
View Deal 7. Outdoor Canopy with Mosquito Netting and Shade Curtains

This is yet another example of a very versatile gazebo which is suitable for a variety of different spaces and settings, whether it’s a private backyard or a commercial event venue. It has a strong and sturdy steel frame with a powder-coated finish, with 6 upright poles and 12 additional stakes for added durability. The canopy is made of water-resistant fabric and has a 2-tier vented design which provides stability even in strong winds. The curtains have zippers and can be removed completely if needed.
grand patio Outdoor Canopy with Mosquito Netting and Shade Curtains
8 leak holes on the canopy top offer added protection on rainy days.
View Deal 8. Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium

Of course, if you’re looking for something more permanent and complex, consider designs such as this one. This is a 12 ft x 18 ft gazebo solarium with an exceptionally resilient and strong frame made of powder-coated aluminum topped with a polycarbonate roof. There are wind panels on the sides which can be locked in any of the 5 positions in order to allow the air to circulate freely or to create a more closed and intimate setting.
ultra resistent Gazebo Penguin Florence Solarium
The wind panels can slide all the way down to the bottom or in any of the 5 positions of the solarium and allow maximum air circulation
View Deal 9. Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof

In case you want a gazebo build out of wood, check out this model. It has a strong and sturdy frame made of 100% FSC certified wood and an aluminum canopy. It has a 12′ x 16′ footprint, with 6” x 9” posts and extra roof trusses for added strength and support. It weighs 880 lbs (400 kg) and may require a building permit so make sure you check your local regulations before making a purchase.
solid cedar Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof
100% FSC Certified Wood Water-Based Stain Fully Paintable Assembly Required
View Deal 10. Garden Dome Igloo

This dome doesn’t look anything like a regular gazebo which is exactly what makes it special. It’s a really cool and multifunctional structure which you can install in your garden and backyard. Use it as a gazebo, a greenhouse or as a play area and enjoy its modern and unconventional design.
cool design Garden Dome Igloo
It's a PVC dome with an igloo-inspired shape and it's fully transparent.
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