Although they seem like they are quite expensive for first-time gardeners, vertical gardens are actually quite inexpensive when you compare them to the expense of maintaining a traditional free-for-all garden

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Thanks to the vertical garden design, even those of you who just have a small terrace and small apartment dwellers can have it. With a little planning, you can set up a simple garden on your small terrace and enjoy it all year round.

Thanks to the new trend of vertical gardens also, now you have some benefits from growing your own house plant on your small terrace. By planting vertically you will be able to have enough outdoor space to plant lots of different kinds of flowers, perennial herbs, medicinal plants, indoor growing bulbs, and lots of other organic growth you love. If you need some inspiration, here are some vertical garden ideas to freshen up your small terrace.

Pallet Planter

This is one of the DIY planter ideas that you can try. If you have good woodworking, you can make your own vertical garden ideas with some pallets. All you need is some pallets then arrange them to become a planter. You can use it as the basic framework for your vertical garden. You can add some holders from wire to hold your potted plants. For more attractiveness, paint the pallet planter with your favorite color.

If you have leftover wooden pallets then you can turn them into a vertical planter garden. This pallet planter will look more attractive when repainted with bright colors, such as yellow. Plant some greenery and flowers for a more cheerful and fresh landscape. You can put this pallet planter in the corner of your small terrace. Yellow pallet planter from balconygardenweb.

Another option for pallet planters is to add a few small colorful pots. You can hang the pots with metal hooks, and hang them on each vertical pallet in a neat and orderly manner. A pallet planter painted in red provides a lovely contrast and bold color. Vertical pallet planter with colorful pots from balconygardenweb.

Old Dresser Planter

Don’t throw up your old dresser because you can turn it to become a planter for your vertical garden idea. Just renew it with paint and you can fill the each of drawers with your favorite house plant. It will not take too much of your small terrace space, so you can have a fresh nuance and aesthetic look at the same time.

Do you have an old dresser that is not used? Here you can reuse this furniture as flower pots and vines. You can repaint it blue for a cleaner, eye-catching look. This vertical plant does not cost a lot of money. Reuse the dresser as a vertical planter from diyncrafts.

An easy way to bring a vintage feel to your patio decor is to use an old dresser as a container for your plants and flowers. You can use each of these drawers to plant flowers of different types and colors, place them in the corner of the terrace so as not to disturb your space. Vintage old-style dresser planter from diyncrafts.

Plant and Ladder

The simple idea of vertical garden design is using a ladder. Just take an old ladder or you can make it before with some woods then use it to hang your potted plants. Lean on the ladder on your terrace wall and attract your guest’s eyes with this one of vertical garden ideas.

So that your patio decoration doesn’t take up a lot of expenses, then you can make a vertical planter made of wood, for example, a ladder planter with a bold, cheerful color. You can lean the ladder plants against the walls of your house so they don’t fall easily. Perform regular watering for fertile plant growth. Ladder planter that is propped against the wall from shelterness.

To display a small terrace decoration that is more natural and more natural, then you can try a wooden ladder planter without repainting it. Leave this planter wood in its original color. You can lean this ladder planter right next to your seat. Natural wooden ladder planter from shelterness.

Hanging Rack Vertical Garden

Hanging rack vertical garden is one of the popular vertical garden ideas and often used by people. All you need to do is preparing some wooden boards then arrange them vertically with ropes. You can make a holder on each of the wooden boards for the potted plant space. If you finish with that, now you are ready to hang your rack on your terrace wall.

If you have a small terrace, then you can take advantage of the empty wall area to hang planter racks with several levels. The combination of iron and wood makes a solid blend for a beautiful planter shelf. You can use galvanized pots and wooden boxes. Combination of iron with wood planter racks from balconygardenweb.

Take advantage of the wall in the area behind the chair to hang a minimalist trellis wood shelf. Don’t forget to combine it with galvanized pots which are equipped with strong iron hooks. This hook minimizes the dropping of the pot to the floor causing it to break. Planter trellis wood shelves equipped with galvanized pots from balconygardenweb.

Go For Pipe or Gutter Planter

Think out of the box for your vertical garden ideas. If you have high creativity, utilize the pipe or gutter for the vertical planter. This is really unique vertical planter idea. This one of the DIY vertical gardens will save your money and save space too. You can hang them on the wall or you can make a freestanding pipe or gutter planter if you no longer have enough wall space.

If you want to make a simple and economical planter, then a DIY pipe planter is the right answer for outdoor patio decoration. You only need to hang it on the wall area vertically. This DIY pipe planter doesn’t take up much room making it perfect for small patio decorations, don’t forget to repaint it blue for a brighter look. Blue DIY planter pipe from fantasticviewpoint.

Standing wooden racks equipped with gutter planters are very cheap and easy to make patio decoration ideas. You can arrange this gutter planter in stages so that you can plant more ornamental plants you have. This gutter container is suitable for small green plants so that they are not trampled or exposed to animal attacks. Standing wooden rack with gutter planter from preparednessmama.

Having a small terrace doesn’t mean you can’t have a fresh nuance with some house plants. Make it happen with some vertical garden ideas above. Have a nice to try and have a fresh nuance in your small terrace with vertical garden ideas.

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