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I'm finally back to putting laundry out on the line.  The weather has been so nice out.  I planted all the bulbs my younger brother gave me last year, and got out for some sunshine.
It was supposed to rain last night, but so far this morning it has not.  I'm sure the bulbs could use it, but I'm okay with that.  I need to get a few rain barrels set up.  I use the rain water to water my plant starts.

My asparagus seeds have finally arrived.  They'll be planted when the ground stays a good 50°F.  We are expanding the area we have some planted.  I have also decided to plant white potatoes, but only 5# this year.  The rest will be sweet potatoes if I find slips this year.  

I decided that we'll have an "adult" Easter Egg Hunt this year with friends/family.  We are hooking up with Daughter E's boyfriend's parents (the one who passed away).  I'm sure it will be a hoot!  We've been locked up too long and need to get with friends/family once again.  The store clerk (tee hee) suggested I put some up in the trees.  Another suggestion was to have them drink them as they find them, ha ha!  Not sure that would be a good idea, but funny to imagine it.
I'm also considering renting the hall and hiring a live band later in the year.  I miss dancing and good music. Speaking of that one band is scheduled in a bar next month, but not sure what restrictions will be for being able to dance.

Found a home for my scraps of stained glass, however the person never came to pick it up.  I have tried to give stuff away free twice now and the person never shows up.  I'm done with trying.  It's in the pile of boxes now to go to the thrift store.  I have never worked with stained glass.  One of our daughter's took a class years ago.  It was a great set up.  The art classes were in a store where the students could then sell their art.  Anyway, one more item out of the house.
I'm reluctant to hook up a garden hose, but when it's the right weather, I'll be washing down our old shoe/boot rack and that too will be donated. #ExtremeClean #Homesteading #SelfSufficiency
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