Decorating a small apartment can be very exciting for some people, and stressful for other

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s. Especially when it comes to the kitchen decor. If you have a smaller kitchen space, you need to plan every move you make carefully to ensure that nothing is damaged or lost. This article will help you with some tips on how to decorate a small apartment effectively.

Small kitchens are very difficult to manage. It is imperative that you plan your moves carefully. You do not want to be in a position where you spoil your furniture by accident or leave something behind which is valuable. Here are some small apartment kitchen decorating ideas that can help you enhance your space and create a cozy cooking space.
Apply White Color for The Wall
A great way to add personality to a small apartment is to paint the walls. It is one of the easiest ways to create a theme in a room. If you choose to do this yourself, you should plan your scheme out on paper first to ensure that you know exactly what you want to achieve. For the bright small apartment kitchen, paint the wall with white color is highly recommended. The white color will make your small cooking space feels airy and bright. To make alive your white wall, some of the things that you could include on your wall are artwork, pictures, posters, wall words, and knick-knacks.

Using white tones in this small kitchen gives this room a roomy look. Combined with patterned tiles will also give a patterned accent to the room so it won’t look boring. Don’t forget to add gold-framed paintings and open shelf storage to maximize wall space. Using a wooden counter will create a rustic impression into the room. White small kitchen from hgtv.

This white paint on the walls gives a spacious and spacious impression to a small kitchen, you can also combine it with wooden floors to create a warm feeling on your feet. Don’t forget to add abstract painting wall decorations to make the room the perfect focal point. The all-white feature here provides a contrasting look. Completing the decor with greenery in a vase and large windows will add a natural feel to the room. White paint wall and wooden chair from hgtv.

Look spacious and spacious with all-white nuance that complements your small kitchen decor. Furnished with white furniture and a scenic mural will be the perfect focal point for your room. Wooden floors will also bring a warm vibe to the room. Don’t forget to add the green plants in the vase to give the vibrations of fresh air into the room. All white nuance from hgtv.
Pay Attention to The Smart Storage
It is very important to pay attention to the smart storage idea for the small apartment decor. In this case, you can maximize your kitchen cabinet by installing shelves inside the cabinet for a more organized. Don’t forget to utilize the space under the sink to put your kitchenware. Besides that, you can maximize the end of the cabinet as a storage space by installing some hooks to hang your kitchen utensils. And consider the vertical storage ideas. The tiered floating shelves are a good idea. By making your small apartment kitchen more organized then you will have a cozy cooking space.

The shelf storage in this cabinet will give a small kitchen a stunning décor and is a smart storage area. You can use some of your vintage cutlery to show it off and it will make the perfect kitchen decor. Place it in the corner of the room and you will maximize the space on the empty wall. Shelf storage in cabinet from idealhome.

A storage cabinet equipped with a plate and glass shelf is smart storage and a must-have in your small kitchen decor. In this way, your kitchen will avoid a messy impression. Using this cabinet will give your kitchen an attractive appearance and you can try it now.  Storage cabinet small kitchen from familyhandyman.

You can attach hooks to the side of the cabinet like the picture above to create a neat room and avoid clutter. You can make it yourself by adding iron bars and S-shaped hooks and you can now attach your various cooking utensils neatly to make it easier for you to collect them. Combined with a small open shelf for placing various herbs and greenery in pots. Hook storage side cabinet from shelterness.
Consider to Have A Mini-Bar
Instead of having a dining table, better for you to change it with a mini-bar. The mini-bar will be more functioned. You can have breakfast there, or doing another activity without taking up to much of your small space. Just add bar stools and you will have a home bar, dining area, and functional small apartment kitchen at the same time.

The mini bar in this small kitchen will look minimalist and will make you feel at home for a long time in the kitchen. Using the countertop of this marble mini bar will look elegant and attract attention. Don’t forget to add a high chair to create a comfortable impression while you are having breakfast. Flowers blooming in this vase create fresh air into the room and you can put it on top of this minibar. Minibar in this small kitchen from housebeautiful.

This small kitchen decoration with green and white nuance is equipped with a small minibar. You can have breakfast there or do other activities without taking up much of your little space. Simply add this wooden high chair and minibar to do the perfect job in this small kitchen. Don’t forget to add a cabinet to keep some of your items neatly so that your kitchen will avoid a messy impression. Small mini bar from housebeautiful.
Add a Lot of Greenery
Don’t forget to add greenery as the final touch to create a cozy cooking space in your small apartment kitchen decor. Place the greenery here and there to freshen up your cooking area instantly. You can hang it or place it on the countertop. Choose the plant that easy to maintain.

These vines and potted plants give this small kitchen a natural feel and fresh air. Combining it with an all-white kitchen ambiance will provide the perfect contrast. Don’t forget to add a large window on one of the walls to provide bright lighting and will nourish the plants with sunlight. This way it creates a cozy cooking space with a natural twist from some of this greenery. Vines and potted plants from architecturaldigest.

Some of this potted greenery create fresh air into a small kitchen and will make for a stylish look. Besides that, it will create a comfortable cooking space in the kitchen decor of your small apartment. Choosing low-maintenance plants will also provide the perfect room decor. Don’t forget to add a large window on one of the walls to give a bright impression and let the sunshine into the room. Potted greenery on small kitchen from architecturaldigest.

Even though there are several ways that can be applied to create a cozy cooking space in the small apartment kitchen but by doing those simple ways above, you can create your own kitchen dream.

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