DIY Hanging Herb Garden

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Display your herbs in a hanging garden! Pick up the following potted herbs from your local produce department and use our step-by-step guide to make your own hanging herb garden.
Things You’ll Need: Potted basil plant Potted mint plant Potted plant of your choice Three medium-sized mason jars Small pebbles or rocks Potting soil Small wall hooks Masking tape Colored paint Roll of twine Hot glue gun Scissors Wooden board (optional)

Step-By-Step: Paint jars with a solid color or use masking tape to create designs by using different angles and colors. Add rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the jars, then top with soil. Remove potted herbs from planters and place into mason jars. Add labels to front of jars of each herb. Cut twine to your preferred length. Add twine to lip of each jar. Use a hot glue gun to make sure twine is secure. Bring four ends of twine together to make a handle. Attach hooks to wall or wooden board and hang your new garden.






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