Does your holiday shopping list include any kids? From tiny tots to almost adults, one thing all kids have in common is the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning

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Whether you wrap up something personalized or you prefer to give DIY Christmas gifts, the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

From tons of fun games to personalized goodies that let your youngsters express their individuality, we’ve gathered up some of the best Christmas gifts for kids. You’re sure to find the perfect present here to inspire their imagination and creativity.
1. Activity Center
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Does your curious toddler need a place to explore and investigate safely? Build this fun-filled activity center to keep those little hands occupied, complete with doors, latches, and locks, cute felt magnetic letters, sweet wooden beads, adorable animals, and spinning flowers.
2. Roll It Up
Source: Merriment Design

Here’s a unique spin on the popular kid’s toy kitchen. This one is flat, portable and can be rolled up when it’s not in use! Featuring four burners, a griddle, and five dials to turn them on and off, this flat felt kitchen is perfect for on-the-go play and is so easy to put away.
3. Kid Coupons
Here’s a fun idea for a small gift or stocking stuffer. Create coupons for your kids that they can “cash in” whenever they want. Good examples would be coupons for staying up half an hour past bedtime, having a movie night, or skipping chores for one day.
4. Tic Tac Whoa!

Did you know the game tic-tac-toe has been played for nearly 3,000 years? Here’s a modern spin on this (very old!) classic game of strategy—with quilted X’s and O’s and a fun drawstring bag to hold all the pieces.

5. Unicorn In My Hand
Source: Erin Greene, via The Hook Nook Life

You’ll inspire imaginative play and encourage creative storytelling when you give a child the gift of a hand puppet. This cute crocheted unicorn will add an element of magical wonder to your child’s life.
6. Custom Wall Decor
Source: Shutterfly

If you’re looking for a gift idea that will delight and inspire your older kid, how about custom printed wall art to match their style? Choose from a wide range of art prints or even your favorite quotes or photos. Then, finish the decor by choosing the perfect frame.
7. You’re A Hero
Source: Shutterfly

Let your little one know they’re your hero with a fun, personalized superhero cape. Choose from several themes and messages or design your own from scratch and let your child’s imagination soar.
8. Tools For Success
Start your school-age kid off on the “write” foot this year with a stationery set that includes fun pencils, colorful pens, and cute erasers. Bundle them all together with a cool pencil box or zipper pouch.
9. Musical Talents
A musical instrument is a great gift route, and it doesn’t have to be huge or expensive! Pianos are great, but ukeleles are awesome small instruments that won’t break the bank—same with small drums or a recorder. Let their creativity bloom through music.
10. Tablet Game
Tablets are great entertainment on long road trips. If there’s a game they love, purchase it in digital form to keep them occupied on the road.
11. Lego Ornaments
Source: Little Bins for Little Hands

If you need a quick and easy small gift idea for kids, check out these fun DIY Christmas ornaments. Stuff a block into the toe of a stocking or hide a few on your tree for the kids to find on Christmas morning.
12. Ready For Adventure
Source: Shutterfly

The skull and crossbones will be your little pirate’s favorite way to express his individuality. Everything from a notebook to a custom name plaque warns would-be scallywags to “keep out.”
13. Play, Baby!
Source: Powerful Mothering

If there’s a baby on your Christmas list this year, check out this adorable DIY felt play mat that will give the tiny tot a safe, clean place to play while providing stimulation with bright colors, animals, letters and numbers.
14. Cozy Campfire
Source: Twin Dragonfly Design

Here’s a cool homemade Christmas gift for kids who love camping. No living room campsite would be complete without a felt campfire set, complete with marshmallows on sticks! Gather ‘round and tell campfire stories—all the fun with none of the mess.
15. It’s Magic
Add a bit of magic to their life. From disappearing acts to card games or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, magic tricks are mesmerizing for kids of all ages. Your child will love learning how to create their own illusions with their very own magic kit.
16. Dry Erase Art
Dry erase markers on a whiteboard are great for kids of all ages, including little kids honing their motor skills. They can express themselves and then start all over when new inspiration strikes. Make sure you get washable markers to avoid big messes.
17. Let’s Hunt Bugs
If you’re shopping for a kid who’s fascinated by all things creepy crawly, an insect hunting set makes a great gift. Your little outdoor explorer will love discovering new bugs and connecting with nature.
18. Glitter Pens
Classic arts and crafts are nothing without a little sparkle. Glitter pens are a great way to keep the mess contained while still allowing for a lot of creative freedom.
19. DIY Fairy Garden
Source: Graceful Little Honey Bee

Gifts that can bring you and the kids together are some of the best ones to give. One great example is this miniature fairy garden kit. Complete with everything they’ll need to build a tiny little garden, it’s a gift you and your child can enjoy together.
20. Personalized Placemat
Source: Shutterfly

You’ll make mealtime more fun when your child has a space to claim as his or her very own. These fun personalized placemats can be customized with artwork, family photos, games or just about anything you can think of to make it uniquely theirs.
21. Cupcake Kit For Kids
Source: Non Toy Gifts

Are you shopping for a little one who likes to help out in the kitchen? Then check out this DIY cupcake kit. Stocked with sprinkles, cupcake liners, toppers, a whisk and spatula, and a custom apron, it’s the perfect gift set for a junior baker.
22. It’s Magical
Source: Best Friends For Frosting

If you’re Christmas shopping for a young teen or tween girly girl, look no further than this sweet unicorn planter. Unicorns are totally trendy right now, and this cute flower pot will make a perfect party centerpiece or chic bedroom decor.
23. Crayon Monster
Source: Hideous Dreadful Stinky

Monsters don’t have to be scary! In fact, this crayon monster tote bag is more cute than creepy! An adorable way to keep art supplies organized, it makes a wonderful Christmas gift for kids.
24. Bouncy Ball
Classic bouncy balls with handles take a regular backyard playdate into one with tons of fun. Get a few for your kiddo and all their friends to enjoy around the house or yard. Plus, they’ll burn off tons of energy! A perfect activity just before a sleepover.
25. Gardening Guru
If you have the outdoor space to support a garden, get your little one outside and playing in the dirt to support their love of nature. Small tools to fit the hands will help them learn how to tend to the soil. Plant seasonal seeds all year long to watch them grow and learn about the life cycle of a plant.
26. Just Joking
Source: Bren Did

This is a spin on the old schoolyard fortune teller game. Modified to tell kid-appropriate Christmas jokes, these fun little paper games are perfect little kids gifts for school holiday parties.
27. All-Stars
Source: Shutterfly

Are you shopping for a young sports fanatic? Look no further than these completely customizable goodies for baseball, basketball, soccer or football fans. Your little baller will be proud to carry a bag customized with team colors.
28. I Love Crayons
Source: My Frugal Adventures

How cute are these homemade, heart-shaped crayons? Wrap them up with a few coloring books and a sketch pad and they’re a sweet gift for your favorite little artist.
29. Domino Drops
There are plenty of games to play with dominoes as they grow up, but there’s nothing more fun as a kid than building a domino train and watching it fall. Give them a set of 100 colofrul dominoes to see what they construct with their young imaginations.
30. Board Games
Quality family time is one of the best gifts you can give a child, and classic board games are a perfect way to bring the whole family together for a game night. They’ll keep kids entertained on rainy days—and keep them away from their screens for a while.
31. Ping Pong Party
What’s more classic than ping pong? A full table is great, but an easy net you can attach to an existing table makes it a portable activity you can enjoy anywhere. Make sure you have extra ping pong balls!
32. Make A Note Of It
Kids love sticky notes! Not just for notes, they can be used for all kinds of arts and crafts projects and can be found in just about any color and shape. Pair a pad with some fun gel pens and markers to make a complete artistic gift.
33. Bring The Outdoors In
Source: Little Family Adventure

Camping is great fun, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, your kids can set up this indoor camping tent. A quick and easy no-sew project, this “tent” is made from felt and a tablecloth. It’s easier to set up than a real tent, too. Simply drape the tablecloth over your table!
34. Keep It Safe
Source: Shutterfly

These cool neoprene laptop cases are not only a great way for your child to express their personal style, but they’re also a smart way to keep their valuable laptop protected from dings and drops.
35. Pop Up Book
Pop up books are fun for kids of all ages—even tweens will admit to enjoying them. Find one in a topic they love so they can enjoy a dynamic reading experience whenver they want.
36. Fossil Fun
Dinosaurs are all the rage for kids of all ages. Let them explore their ancient interests with a fossil digging kit they can work on in the backyard. It’s fun and educational!
37. Children’s Museum
Most major cities have a children’s museum—a great place to spend a day of fun and learning. Take your niece or nephew out for the day so they can see everything their local museum has to offer. Pick out a souvenir in the gift shop for them to take home at the end of the day.
38. Little Builder
Blocks are fun and all, but when they get old enough, big kids can start working with real tools. Let them build something easy at first, like a small table or chair, so they can practice basic skills and build their confidence.
39. Fishing For Fun
Source: Make It & Love It

If you’re looking for a gift for a toddler, consider this too-cute fishing game. It includes a rod with a reel that actually works and a bucket of magnetic fish to “catch.” Games like this one help build hand-eye coordination and motor skills (and are buckets of fun, too!).
40. Fun Lunch Box
Source: Shutterfly

No more boring brown paper bags! These lunch boxes are a great gift for school-age kids. Personalized with their name or initials, they are a fun way to express your kid’s personal style—and they’re easy to keep track of.
41. Clever Custom Cup
Source: Shutterfly

Custom cups are a fun and unexpected personalized gift. You can design one with just about anything your mind can dream up. Mealtime will be extra fun when your child gets to drink from her very own personalized princess castle cup.
42. Dancing Queen
Know a budding ballerina? Make sure she’s ready for her next season of dancing with the proper gear. Include a new set of shoes and a tutu so she’s can dance her way to success
43. Just Add Snow
Source: Elaine’s Sweet Life

This is an adorable Christmas gift idea! It simply consists of a drawstring bag filled with all the supplies you’ll need to build a snowman—carrot nose, button eyes, bits of coal, a scarf and a Santa hat. As soon as the snow falls, your kids will be excited to bring their snowman to life.
44. Beat The Boredom
Source: No Getting Off This Train

Will you be traveling for the holidays? Beat the road trip boredom by gifting your little one with this cool Lego travel kit made out of a metal lunch box. When not in use, simply close the lunch box with all the little Lego pieces safely inside.
45. The Gift Of Learning
Instead of presenting your little ones with another toy or trinket, enroll them in classes at a local art studio, dance studio or sports arena—whatever their interests are. Education is the gift that keeps on giving.
46. Tea Party
Tea parties are a classic afternoon passtime for everyone—human and dolls alike. If you know a little one who loves hosting a tea party on occasion, make sure they have a set of teacups to match their pot for a cohesive look.
47. Hangin’ Around
A hammock is a fun outdoor addition for reading, relaxing or just swinging around. Get coordinating hammocks for everyone in your family to hang in the backyard. If your family loves camping, be sure to take them with you on all your outdoor adventures.
48. Dress Up Time
What’s better than playing dress up as a kid? A collections of costumes and unique pieces will let them use their imagination with their play time. Check out local thrift stores for special and affordable finds!
49. I Want A Pony
Source: Lia Griffith

At some point, just about every child asks for a pony for Christmas—well, now you can give them one! A felt stick pony, that is. These are absolutely adorable and incredibly simple to make.
50. Unicorn Spa Jar
Source: The Gunny Sack

If your Christmas list includes a girly girl who loves all things magical and glittery, look no further than this unicorn spa jar! It’s filled to the brim with lollipops, glitter hair clips, bubble gum, lip gloss, bath bombs, foot soak, sugar scrub and mini unicorn soaps for a perfect, sparkly spa day!
51. Dream Big
Source: Shutterfly

Encourage your little rocket scientist to shoot for the stars with any number of gifts from customized bedding and personalized pillows to an out-of-this-world backpack and matching notebook.
52. Step It Up
Source: Shutterfly

Give your growing child a “leg up” with one of these stylish and practical step stools. Perfect for youngsters who need help reaching the sink, cabinets or countertops, a step stool will build confidence in kids who don’t have to constantly ask for help.
53. Get Crafty
Craft-making kits are among the best gifts for kids—they help develop their creative minds and evolve their interests. From science experiments to creating jewelry and everything in between, you can find a craft kit that will appeal to every kid.
54. For The Little Artist
Source: Playful Learning

Hopscotch, drawing rainbows, creating mazes. Sidewalk chalk is a classic childhood favorite—and now you can make it yourself as a fun Christmas gift for the kids on your list. This DIY also makes for easy clean up.
55. Giddy-Up Unicorn
Source: Adventure in a Box

Everyone remembers the classic hobby horse toy. Well, here it is—with a magical twist! Now, with just a few supplies and an afternoon, you can craft your very own rainbow unicorn hobby horse that any young child will adore. If your kiddo likes unicorns more than ponies, here’s the perfect gift.
56. Sledding Time
If you live in a snowy climate, nothing is more classic than a sled. Kids of all ages can go sliding down hills both big and small. There’s nothing like snow fun in the winter!
57. Hit The Slopes
Do you live in a snowy climate? Take the kiddos to the slopes so they can learn their way around the mountain. Sign them up for ski or snowboard lessons so they can figure out which one they like best. If they like neither, go sledding instead!
58. Winter Essentials
Kids get the cutest accessories these days. Fun patterns and pom-poms are easy to find, so make sure they’re all set for the slopes or the sled in their personalized snow gear.
59. Summer Fun
Are your kids dying to get back to the pool once summer hits? New floaties, towels and pool toys are must haves. They’ll keep the pool fun alive all summer long.
60. It’s A Slam Dunk
Source: Shutterfly

Here’s a fun and unique Christmas gift idea for your favorite little MVP! This mini basketball hoop comes complete with a soft foam basketball and can be completely customized with your favorite photos or motivational quotes.
61. Mad For Plaid
Source: Shutterfly

If you’re Christmas shopping for a fashionable fellow, check out this buffalo plaid design that’s right on-trend. Get the little lad a personalized backpack or go for a super cool and cozy custom plaid bedding set.
62. Blast Off For Bedtime
Source: Shutterfly

The little ones will look forward to bedtime when the bed is adorned with this personalized astronaut-themed duvet cover. Pair it with a matching pair of pillow shams for completely out-of-this-world bedding.
63. Magical Mystery
For a kid who loves solving mysteries, a collection of tools to help them crack the case is essential. A magnifying glass and notebook to write down clues will help them along the way. They’ll be a regular Sherlock Holmes before you know it!
64. Let’s Play Kitchen
Source: The Crafting Chicks

The best toys are those that require interaction, inspire imagination and help develop their coordination and motor skills. Encourage your kid’s imaginative play with his or her very own play kitchen.
65. Personalized Story Book
Source: Shutterfly

Books always make great gifts for kids of any age. Whether you’re shopping for a new baby or a child who’s just learning how to read, a story book, personalized with their name and likeness, will be a delight and treasure for years to come.
66. Custom Name Plaque
Source: Shutterfly

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or a teen, one thing is for sure—kids are all about self-expression and owning what is theirs. Now your kid can personalize their own space, starting with a custom name plaque on their door.
67. Mini Market
Source: Hayley for Tauni Everett

Kids love to play make-believe, and a make-believe supermarket can teach your little one the value of shopping, saving and searching for bargains. With this adorable mini-market, your child can “shop” for their favorite foods.
68. A Whale Of A Time
If the little one in your life is an oceanographer in the making, a trip to go whale watching will get them started on the right foot to achieve their dreams. They’ll get to learn more about the wildlife and the ocean. Before you know it, they’ll be analyzing life under the waves in no time.
69. Fun Aunt
Are you an aunt to a fun kiddo or two? Host a sleepover with them, build a pillow fort and watch movies all night long. It’ll be a fun memory they’ll cherish forever.
70. Kids Cooking Class
Cooking classes are a great way to try something new and learn some basic skills. Sign your kid up for something they’re interested in—like making pizza or donuts. They’ll be so excited to learn how to make their favorite treats!
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