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Summer is a great time to give guys you love unique cooking, baking, traveling, drinking and just all around great gifts of all shapes, sizes and prices! Time for the gfJules Father’s Day gift guide & more! Twenty-eight thoughtfully curated gifts just for guys. (Ok, not really — anyone would love these great finds!)



Peugeot-Saveurs BBQ Mill

Peugeot-Saveurs BBQ Mill

The ultimate summer grilling tool from Peugeot-Saveurs is this brand new BBQ Pepper Mill. It’s specifically designed for outdoor use, robust, versatile, durable, and totally unique. Key features: an intuitive LED light which turns on as the mill is tilted to 25 degrees, adjustable grind, an extra long battery life (with 20,000 on/off cycles), hanging hook, rubber protectors and a stainless steel base. With a lifetime guarantee, the BBQ Mill is the next in Peugeot’s long line of quality mills boasting both exceptional form and function. 

Additional details: made from wood sourced from French PEFC certified forests. Since this is a brand new release, availability is limited. ($99)

mu kitchen grilling apron

Grilling Apron

Guys need a heavy-duty apron for the kitchen or the grill. This larger chef’s apron from Mu Kitchen is twice the weight of other chef’s aprons, is 36″ long and has an adjustable neck strap with extra long waist ties to assure a perfect fit. Providing extra protection, extra pockets and extra gadget loops for every need: chest pocket, hidden thermometer pocket, two extra large waist pockets and a cell phone pocket. ($49.99) Here’s another option on amazon if you need last minute shipping — waxed canvas grilling apron ($44.99)

family cookbook covers

Make a Family Cookbook

Create a memory! Gather all those favorite family recipes made gluten free and make a keepsake! This service makes it simple, you personalize it! Prices vary depending on number of pages, color versus black and white pages, and type of binding. E-book options available, too. HeritageCookBook.com

Small impact bottle

Small Impact Bottle 

The “Swiss Army Knife” of bottles, this plastic-free bottle is designed to be the 18-ounce insulated stainless water bottle you already know and love, but also so much more. Clever compartments all around and under this bottle hold a removable spork and expandable straw, plus a hidden base which opens to hold keys, ear buds or even protein powder! The wide-mouth opening makes it easy to jam in those ice cubes and the leak-proof lid sports a riveted handle for easy carrying or attaching to bags with a carabiner. Best of all, this bottle costs no more than an average stainless water bottle! Now that’s smart! ($29.99)

gfJules gluten free baguette on Words with Boards Seriously Gluten Free Board with Heritage Steel Bread Knife
gfJules Gluten Free Bread Mix made into gluten free baguettes; Heritage Steel Bread Knife; Words With Boards Seriously Gluten Free Board


Heritage Steel Hammer Stahl 9″ Offset Bread Knife

Every guy needs good knives, but let’s focus for a moment on bread. Did you know that there is a knife actually designed to cut through crusty artisan breads and baguettes, sandwiches and other homemade breads (perhaps like some your family has made from a gfJules Bread Mix?) — a knife specially made to slice through these breads with ease and speed without tearing or pulling at the bread? The offset scalloped blade also keeps your hand away from the bread and from surfaces as it’s being used. That’s this knife. It’s also made with a quad tang handle designed with steel exposed on all four sides to provide balance and superior comfort to the hand. It comes packaged beautifully in a gift box, as well! Perfect for Father’s Day, don’t you think? ($59.95) (Words With Boards Seriously Gluten Free Large Board $79.00) (gfJules Gluten Free Baguette Recipe for Bread Mix)

Emile Henry Ceramic Chicken Roaster in Red

Ceramic Chicken Roaster 

For the oven or the grill, Emile Henry’s vertical chicken roaster is perfect for chicken, small turkeys, and ducks up to ten pounds. The center spike is 6″ tall, ensuring meat is evenly cooked and moist inside, browned and crispy outside. Perfect for one-pan meals with vegetables around the bottom. Emile Henry ceramics come with a 10-year guarantee. ($100 — on sale right now for $50).


Egg Peeler 


Fans of our podcast, You Had Me At Eat, already know this handy, inexpensive gadget is on my Father’s Day list. It’s ridiculously simple and looks like a beta fish jar you’d pick up a the pet store (with a lid). But it works. Trust me. Or watch the video. It makes peeling hard boiled eggs a thing of the past, as it practically does it for you.

Simply add eggs to boiling water and boil for 13-14 minutes (my own father’s trusted method), then drain and fill the pot with ice water. Once the eggs are cool enough, put one in this handy contraption with more water and shake, shake, shake.  The water gets between the broken shell and the hard boiled egg, allowing you to peel back the shell without any of the usual struggle or complaint. It’s almost fun! ($14.95)


well told wine glass with gluten free baguette

Etched Bar Glassses

Well Told Custom Etched Glasses

You’ve probably seen me loving on these wine glasses in other posts before, but it bears repeating. What guy wouldn’t love their hometown on a map on their new favorite rocks glass? ($17.95)

well told pint glass with beer

Or, their college campus/town emblazoned on a pair of pint glasses for a refreshing naturally gluten free beer? ($19.95)


mon verre etched wine glass | gfJules with wine

Mon Verre engraved glasses can be monogrammed with up to three letters or numbers, with the option of adding hearts beside the initials. Reinforced with titanium for durability, this collection is manufactured in the Czech Republic but the company is based in Australia. The sleek, modern glassware is both beautiful and durable enough for daily use. Wine glasses, champagne flutes, whiskey tumblers and martini glasses ($80-$95)

Pure Wine Phoenix with wine glasses

Wine Loving Accessories

PureWine The Wand & Phoenix

Love wine but hate the morning after wine headaches? That’s where PureWine Wands come in. These ingenious wands purify your vino by removing those pesky histamines and sulfites in all kinds of wines. The wands are single use, although the reps I’ve spoken with have indicated that you may be able to use one wand for 3 minutes and then again in another glass for another 3-4 minutes if you’re not extremely sensitive. They’re available in 3, 8, 30 & 90 packs and each wand comes with a twist off wine charm to help you keep track of your glass. (8-pack $24.99)

Another solution is PureWine’s new Phoenix ($69.99) — a device that looks like an aerator attachment for your wine bottle. The filtration system is in a pod inserted into the Phoenix and works as you pour out of the bottle, eliminating the need for a single-use wand. It requires a new pod for each bottle, however. The starter kit comes with the pouring device, air tube and 3 Bio-Pod Wine Purifying Cartridges. Added bonus: PureWine claims that the Phoenix restores the viability of opened wine that’s gone bad!

VinXplorer Wine Backpack


Wine Backpack

The VinXplorer Wine and Beverage Backpack is a versatile solution to the problem of how to transport your favorite wines safely, discreetly, and efficiently! It comes with two 1.5 liter refillable bladders as well as a two-bottle carrier to refill your drinks and a nozzle for storing and dispensing the wine inside a waterproof compartment. It also boasts a padded laptop compartment, and the bladders are removable, making the backpack usable as an everyday backpack, in a pinch! ($199.95)

Wine Bottle Storage System

WineHive wine bottle storage system is a modern, modular honeycomb wine rack mountable on a wall as functional wall art or suitable for countertop display. Horizontal storage keeps corks moist and makes it easier to find the bottle of your choice, plus the contemporary design makes a bold statement to show off a wine collection of any size. Sold in 5, 20 or 50 cell bundles. 1% of retail sales donated to bee-saving efforts in Washington State’s Pollination Program. (starting at $74.95)


cocktail smoker kit set

Cocktail Smoker Kit

I’ve been intrigued by these smoker kits for awhile now, and I’ve researched quite a lot of them. It’s a novelty item, yes, but versatile as well. The premise being that wood chips are placed in the filter on top of a glass with your favorite cocktail and, once lit, the cocktail becomes infused with a smokey flavor that lends a next-level note to the libation, enabling you to bring this fancy speakeasy experience into your home bar. Get creative, and you can do the same to cheeses and even some meats.

There are all different kinds and styles of these kits now, some coming packed with a few different wood chips, others with even more. This particular kit offers six different varieties of chip for a more complete tasting experience: cherry, apple, oak, pecan, hickory and mesquite. It also includes the handmade smoker, triple flame refillable torch (butane not included), a cleaning brush and spoon, 2 filters and a gift box. Splurge for the better made torch in this set — it makes a difference. ($42.99)



Personalized Wood Pizza Peel

Homemade gluten free pizza night is everyone’s favorite night of the week — make it even more special with a personalized, gorgeous handmade pizza peel from wife and husband company, Words With Boards! Made of solid American cherry and walnut, with a unique curvy and ergonomic handle, this peel will be the perfect choice for serving your next homemade gluten-free ‘za! ($110)

gfJules Pizza Lover's Kit

gfJules Pizza Pack 

How do you make the #1 Voted Gluten Free Pizza Mix any better? Save money with a gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Making Kit!

Grab the gfJules Pizza Lover’s Kit and save over 10% with 3 gfJules award-winning Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mixes, gfJules Pizza Making ebook and a Pizza Crisper Pan! ($62.99; value $71)

Add a Words With Boards Pizza Peel and it’s the perfect gluten free pizza pack!

gluten free sun pizza on peel-2
gfJules Pizza Crust Mix made in sun shape presented on Words With Boards Gluten Free Pizza Peel


Gluten Free Beer – Delivered!

Not all states are eligible, but there are some fantastic gluten free beers out now, and you just might be able to surprise your guy with a special delivery. Craftshack offers delivery to some states on Holidaily and Ground Breaker naturally gluten-free beers (also Duckfoot, but that’s a gluten-reduced beer, NOT gluten-free!). Check my Gluten Free Beer Tasting Notes for more great naturally gluten free beers to find even more options, but here are a couple new and seasonal varieties to get excited about (these brewers also offer more conventional varieties, so check them out!).

Ghostfish Gosefish

Ghostfish Gosefish – Hibiscus-Cranberry Gose — Tart, salty, and refreshing, this adventurous take on a traditional German sour ale is brewed with an intriguing mix of fruit and spices. Brewed with malted buckwheat (Skagit Valley Malting), malted millet (Grouse Malting Co.), malted rice (Eckert Malting), quinoa, cranberry puree, hibiscus, hops, coriander, salt and yeast.  4.5% ABV 8 IBU. 

Currently shipping only to Washington State and Washington D.C. but check their Beer Finder tool, as it’s widely distributed elsewhere: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, British Columbia (Canada), Alberta (Canada), and the United Kingdom. 

Aurochs Hefe

Auroch’s Hefe — A Hefeweizen done gluten-free. Like the German-style, this ‘Hefequinoa’ is light and refreshing with yeast driven flavors of banana and clove. Brewed with millet & quinoa. 5.0% ABV 18 IBU. ($44 – 12pk / $77 – 24pk) Currently shipping to: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Washington DC. 

portable USB heating pad

Portable USB Heating Pad 

Incredi-Heat has developed a super useful, everyone-in-the-family-will-be-fighting-over-this-gadget heating pad that plugs into any USB source, so you’re no longer tethered to the wall when you need some heat therapy. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces, it’s easy to carry onto an airplane, train or any car trip and plug into a power bank, USB port, computer or car ports. It also has two straps so it can be wrapped around problem body parts for better heat application. ($39.99)

Proctor-Silex Toaster


Seems like a small thing, but an un-contaminated toaster would make any gluten-free person’s day (and hey, it’s better than a tie!). This wide-slot toaster from Proctor-Silex is great for all gluten-free breads, including bagels! The special bagel feature toasts the cut-side and only warms the rounded side. Fits wider slices of bread (Texas Toast, anyone?) and is easy to clean with a slide-out tray accessible from the front. Seven toast shades plus a Toast Boost feature lifts smaller slices higher so they’re easier to remove. ($34.99)

Naot Sandals

NAOT Sandals

Random addition to this list, I know, but every guy does indeed need a great pair of sandals. When my walking buddy saw this box of sandals on our counter she immediately recognized the brand and regaled me with her stories of how much she loved it. Apparently she purchased her first pair in Israel. While you don’t have to travel that far to get yours, all their shoes are made by hand in Israel using the highest quality eco-friendly materials and renewable resources. These Santa Cruz slides (available in brown and grey) offer an anatomic cork & latex footbed wrapped in suede, all of which molds to the shape of the foot with wear, earning it recognition by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for promoting good foot health. ($139.95-$159.95)

Nesco Food Dehydrator with dried apples | gfJules

Food Dehydrator

Nesco is one of the premiere dehydrator brands, having made dehydrators for over 30 years. Their latest model Gardenmaster is a step-up for anyone like me who is used to older dehydrator styles, making this rather time-consuming process much faster (four times faster!) and offering multiple trays in a compact, modern design that doesn’t require management like tray rotation. Even for the uninitiated, dehydrating foods of all kinds is a fun way to preserve foods without requiring any skill or additional accessories like canning. It also preserves much of the foods’ nutritional values. Your own imagination is the only limit on what you can dehydrate: from fruits like citrus, apples and bananas, to all kinds of vegetables, to jerky, fish and herbs … you can even use this dehydrator to dry flowers for crafts and potpourri. Additional accessories are available. ($144 – $175)

farmstand nook with man in kitchen

Indoor Garden

Lettuce Grow

For the dad with a green thumb, Lettuce Grow has released a smaller footprint of its flagship product, this one designed to fit in most kitchens. The Farmstand Nook simultaneously grows 20 plants on 4 levels with LED grow lights which can be programmed and controlled by an app. Made in part of upcycled ocean-bound plastics and designed with a clean, modern aesthetic in mind, this sustainable, living food system makes growing your own food indoors easy, fun and a great family experience! Lettuce Grow provides living starter plants in pods to fit into the modular system — greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables all may be grown in the Farmstand Nook. ($699 – special right now includes set of 20 live starter plants)

Spicy Pepper Grow Kit

Garden Republic Spicy Pepper Kit

This kit contains everything you need for an indoor windowsill spicy pepper garden, plus a wooden gift box which doubles as a planter.  It also comes with 4 burlap grow bags with sewn in liners, 4 bamboo plant markers with space for sown on date and seed type, 1 pair steel harvesting shears, and 4 types of USA-grown non-GMO heirloom seeds (Jalapeno, Habanero, Poblano, Bamboo, Chili Pepper). Also available: indoor herb garden and indoor tomato garden. Started as a veteran and family-owned, small business focused on creating safe, sustainable products you can trust. ($26.99)

Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit

Back to the Roots Shiitake Grow Kit

Grow organic shiitake mushrooms at home with this easy kit! This kit comes with inoculated shiitake log, spray bottle, vented humidity tent, and grow guide. The living shiitake mushroom mycelium (“roots”) are on the log and are ready to harvest in just 10 days. Certified Organic and Non-GMO. Other mushroom types available in other kits. ($33.99)

gfJules giftcard

And for the guy who has everything … or for a LAST MINUTE GIFT or just a gift anyone would love, give a gift card so they can pick out what they want from the gfJules Store!!!

*In some cases, sponsors have provided free product. Some links to products may be affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own.  See my disclosure policy for more information. Working with select brands I love allows me to keep bringing you free recipes and great contests! I hope that in the process, you’ll learn about some of the safe gluten free products I choose for my family. Thanks so much for your support!

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