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99.00 USD

Hanging plants can really bring you home to life, but can sometimes feel a bit cluttered. That's why I designed our minimal ceiling planters with clean, modern lines - so your plant can really shine without any heaviness on your eyes!
Each hanger comes with an oak hook that you attach to the ceiling with a simple screw we supply. The flat weave cotton we use won't get tangled in your plant and have an adjustable length feature so you can perfectly match their height to your room (hooray for not more bagging your head into plants!).
Our lightweight self-watering planters make watering convenient and healthy for your plants. They have a drainage hole and a separate water reservoir that you can fill for watering from below, or water from above not worrying that you're overdoing it as excess water will be stored for later use. Once your plant's soil is dry, it will drink the water in the reservoir using a cord we supply.

Choose between our cylinder Freya planter, or round Ella planter to complete the look.

/Hanger details:

● Material: Oak and flat-weave cotton cord
● Size: from ceiling approximately 40" (100cm), fully adjustable to the length of your choice
● Mounting: All necessary hardware is included

/Planter Details:

● Material: Lightweight aluminum (will not rust)
● Size:
- Ella round planter diameter: 8.6" (22cm) Height: 5.9" (15cm)
- Freya cylinder diameter: 5.5" (14.5cm) Height: 5.5" (14.5cm)
● Features: Drainage hole + separate saucer for excess water


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