How To Build A Backyard Fence With Cheap Materials

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Have you ever stopped to think just how many types of fences are out there? Even something which may seem simple like selecting and installing a backyard fence can reveal how complex this whole process can get if you decide to dive into all the different details. For now, we’ll just focus on some of the backyard fence design ideas and types just to go through some of the options.

Choosing a type of backyard fence has a lot to do with what is expected from it. For example, this webbed wire fence is meant to keep goats and chickens in and to keep predators out. It’s not the only type of fence which is suited for this but it is one of the easiest to build types. You can find a tutorial on swampyacresfarm.

This particular fence was built to keep puppies in and pests out. It’s a sturdy alternative to the typical split rail fence and it also has wire mesh. It’s relatively easy to build and effective at what it’s supposed to do plus it doesn’t look bad either. Find out more about the project on homefixated.

On mominmusiccity you can find a project which describes how you can give a simple chain link fence a makeover to make it a bit sturdier. The idea is to add a wooden frame around it. It’s a rather cheap fence idea which also seems durable and versatile. It doesn’t block the view and it’s efficient at keeping things contained.

Speaking of cheap fence ideas and interesting designs, check out this cool pallet top fence garden featured on naturallyloriel. It’s a nice little detail which can give a basic fence more character. Consider somehow adapting this idea when building a garden fence and perhaps you might even come up with your own interpretation of the project.

As mentioned before, different types of backyard fences serve different purposes. A fence which is meant to offer privacy might look something like this. A solid wood structure with no big gaps or openings creates a sturdy barrier which also blocks the view. Of course, the fence featured on houseunderconstruction is not particularly tall so feel free to change that.

This type of fence is not really great at keeping things in or out because of those open areas at the bottom so its role is more to delineate and to offer privacy. The design is simple and modern and the horizontal boards and dark color make a nice combo. Check out the tutorial from dunnlumber to find out how this fence was built and how you could build something similar.

A typical backyard fence installation has two main stages: installing the posts and then adding the rest of the boards. It’s important to plan everything just right and to make sure the posts are secure and straight because they’re the backbone of the entire fence. There’s a detailed tutorial on imgur which describes the whole process.

If you’re planning on building a wooden fence, a way to save some money is by using pallets. Take apart a bunch of pallets and you can then reuse the boards. All the different finishes and color variations and all the imperfections will give the fence lots of character. Check out imgur to find out more about this sort of project.

You might also want to check this split rail fence idea from imgur. The whole design and structure are quite interesting and could inspire all sorts of cool interpretations and variations. We like the way the fence zig-zags across the property and that’s obviously something which you can control and adjust.

Sometimes although you want to delineate the backyard somehow or you want more privacy, a fence is not the best option. There are cases when privacy screen and much better suited for the job so it’s nice to know such alternatives are available. This a modern privacy screen which you can build yourself if you follow the the tutorial featured on buildsomething.

As it turns out, old shutters can be repurposed in all sorts of interesting and practical ways. For example, this is a repurposed shutter fence. You can also think of it as a privacy screen for outdoor spaces. Of course, shutters can also be turned into indoor dividers/ privacy screens. You can find out more details about the transformation on cottageintheoaks.

There are plenty of materials that you can build a fence out of, besides the usual wood and wire options. Some of them can be quite unusual and unexpected choices. This, for instance, is a tin fence/ accent wall. It’s something that we found on craftytexasgirls so if you like the idea be sure to check out the tutorial to find out more about this project.

In this scenario, a bamboo fence was built as a way to balance out the cinder block wall and to add more warmth and also color to the backyard. It’s a cool combination and a very clever use of bamboo. If you want to find out more about the development of this project or to find inspiration for your own projects, check out codycakes.

Putting up a fence is absolutely necessary if you want to keep unwanted guests outside and pets and children inside and while most fences can successfully do that, most would also obstruct the view and when you want to still be able to admire the scenery a deer fence can turn out to be just what you need. The idea comes from simplyorganized.

As you know, pallet wood can be used to build fences and that’s a great way to save some money and to build something unique and special. There are many different ways to do that and whether you choose to take apart every pallet and reuse the boards or simply make small modifications and reuse the pallets as they are, the end result is a one-of-a-kind fence. The project featured on recyclart could serve as a source of inspiration.

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