How To Get Your Butt Back Post Pregnancy 2019 (5 SECRETS)

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I’m gunna’ ask you straight up:

Are you purposely buying and wearing long shirts or cover-ups so that you’re covering up your flat backside?

I come in peace mama, because I’ve been there.

Although I wasn’t one for wearing the baggy shirts, I did have a flat-as-a-pancake-butt after having my two kids. 

It was flat.

It was Saggy.

It was a sad backside, and I really wanted to do something about it.

Many of us deal with postpartum bodies that are different than before we had kids, and it’s normal Some things you can improve upon and fix, and others not so much. (Check out this Global News Article I was interviewed to talk about how our bodies change after giving birth.

After my kids my boobs had shrunk to itty bitty titties and I wasn’t about to get implants, so I worked on the next best thing that I could improve upon naturally that was my my booty.

It’s not just me, many of my clients have the same flat butt challenges I had, and they’re seeing great results from the booty building work we’re doing together!

Wanna know the secrets of what we’re doing to make their backsides finally start to show up?

Of course you do, what kind of question is that?!!

Click here to watch today’s video where I’m diving into the 5 secrets that you need to know to get your backside to start showing after having kids so you don’t have to hide it behind baggy shirts anymore.

Watch the video and let me know which of the 5 secrets you need help being consistent with.

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