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An easy and low mess way to keep kids entertained on hot summer days is to set up a water or combination water and sand table outside. The beauty in an outdoor water table is that kids can splash around as much as they want, and at most you only need to hose them off.

Show us a kid who does not salivate at the sight of a Slip ‘n Slide, Super Soaker, or a bucket of water balloons. Hell, if you set up a giant inflatable water castle your child might actually pass-out from joy. But those toys are all better with bigger kids. For younger kids and toddlers, a water table provides all of the fun in a much more manageable way (not to mention with much less effort from the parent). The plastic playsets allow little ones the ability to splash around and stay cool while also encouraging crucial development skills like attention, focus, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.

Water tables can often accommodate numerous children, allowing kids the chance to work on their communication and social skills. Playing in water helps kids in the development of problem-solving skills since it encourages them to explore and learn about the mechanics of water (how it flows, pours, and such). And since so many water tables have moving parts, they encourage hand-eye coordination. A kid with a water table will get wet, yes, but the payoff is great.

These water tables are sturdy and well built, have numerous accessories to keep little hands and minds busy, and are low enough for a toddler to belly up to it.
Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table
Kids love dinosaurs. Kids love sand. And kids love water. This brilliant water and sand table combines all three for hours of good times. Ideal for kids 24 months and older. You get the best of both worlds with this Dino Dig Sand & Water Table. It's a two-sided play table that features a large sand pit for deep digs and a water station to rinse off the kids' digging tools. Oh, but that's not all. Kids can use the large cup to quickly scoop and pour water into the top of the volcano and watch as the water gushes down the sides of the mountain.
Buy Now $64.09 Little Tikes Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Play Table
A water table fused with a sprinkler? Yes, this miraculous toy does exist. And here it is, in all its aquatic glory. You fill your barrel to the top, and then spray other players. Just connect a hose to activate the water shooters. This toy is great for kids two and up, but actually, just try and keep adults away. We dare you.
Buy Now $53.65 Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset
Ideal for kids 18 months and older, this fun water table lets kids make it rain while they splash and play in their own yard. Designed to mimic rainfall, the curvy upper level of this multi-level table entices kids to fill it with either the small bucket that is included, or one of the two smaller scoops that hook on the side. As the water trickles down, it also flows down on one side through a Rube Goldberg-ian waterfall that your child can change at will. There’s also a small springboard to flip the two included figurines back into the larger bottom pool and a spinning wheel that can be moved to help with fine tuning the motor skills. As one of the lightest water tables out there at ten pounds moving it around is simple, plus the drain plug makes emptying it simple.
Buy Now $156.64 Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
The engaging water table, which is 29-inches in diameter, has a large funnel spiral in the middle of the table that will keep kids busy for hours as they drop balls, and water, into the opening and watch them spiral down into the base. To aid in hand-eye development there is a four-spot “Ferris Wheel” on one side that requires coordination to pick up the five floating round characters that come with the play set. There's also a twin water wheel. In between bouts with the water park features, kids will develop ‘put and take’ skills, plucking toys from the round ring of water that can hold up to seven gallons of water. When it comes time for cleanup, there is a drain plug to empty it, and the 12-pound table breaks down easy. It's intended for up to three kids ages two to six.
Buy Now $44.99 Step2 Duck Dive Water Table
This water table is great for beginner walkers to pre-schoolers. Toddlers can use the water table spinner to create a vortex and go nuts watching their toys spin around. They pour water to activate a spinner, and there's a no-leak drain plug for easy cleanup. It's ideal for kids 18 months and older.
Buy Now $39.64 Little Tikes Fish 'n Splash Water Table
Designed to mimic a small island in the middle of the sea, this boisterous table comes with two figurines — one boy and one girl. The two figures can ride the water wheel carousel or a slide and diving board, all three of which can be moved and set up anywhere on the water table. If the islands residents want to take a break they can either take a dip in the pool in the middle of the island, or go for a ride in the enclosed boat in the open seas surrounding it. There is also a large palm tree that acts like a fountain when water is poured on it from one of the included buckets. The table weighs 20 pounds and has a drain plug to simplify clean up. It can accommodate up to four kids aged 18 months to five-years-old.
Buy Now $41.60 Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table
This two-tiered playset offers parents a few things the other sets do not. First off, it comes with an umbrella to keep the sun off of junior. But what really sets it apart from the others there is a pair of different basins in which kids can play. The upper one has a water spinner and flipper for figurines; the lower pool, a springboard. Maybe what they will like best is to pour water into the upper pool with one of the two included buckets and cause the waterfall to kick in, pouring water into the lower basin. Both basins are attached to one base, so moving it around is simple. There's no drain, however, so the only way to empty this table is to dump it. It weighs 20 pounds and is suitable for children 18 months to eight-years-old.
Buy Now $72.31 The Little Tikes Garden Table Play Set
This isn't just your basic water table for kids. Budding gardeners and plant lovers can plant and water play flowers with a working water can. Good for kids 18 months and older, the set includes everything they need to tend to their own garden.
Buy Now $47.17 Step2 Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Table with Umbrella Play
First off, we love the umbrella, a no-brainer for an outdoor toy. Second, we're into the fact that this water table has dual-sided play and can hold 40 pounds of sand. There's a ton of activities for your kids, and their cruising toys. You can book a cruise. Or you can bring the cruise to your backyard with this sand and water table, which has a spiral water slide, a swimming pool, and a springboard. All for toy figures, not actual kids.
Buy Now $75.76 Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel
This sand sifter is great for the beach, or your backyard. It has a variety of layers to funnel, tip, spin and sift sand (or water). Kids two and up pour sand or water or both through this tower. This toy encourages exploration and helps develop hand-eye coordination. Who knew something as simple as sand and sea creature buckets could be this great?
Buy Now $13.49 Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table
Think of this as an elevated sandbox for your yard. It's hours of sand-digging good times, and it comes with a lid and elastic tie-downs to keep the sand clean and dry. It comes with shovels, claw rakes and a bucket, and can hold up to 40 pounds of sand.
Buy Now $46.97 Step2 All Around Playtime Patio
This play patio includes areas for sand, water, pretend grilling and eating. The canopy on top keeps kids in the shade, and included accessories like a water tower, sand sifter, grill tongs and plats and cups wills park their imaginations.
Buy Now $149.99 Little Tikes Flowin'Fun Water Table with 13 Interchangeable Pipes
This creative water table comes with 13 different interchangeable pipes, so kids can reengineer how water will flow over and over again. There are faucets, a bucket and a boat, and it connects right to your house so the water will keep flowing without trips inside.
Buy Now $68.60 Back Bay Play Kids Indoor Outdoor Convertible Picnic Table
This water and sand table doesn't come with a ton of bells and whistles, but it does double duty as a picnic table. The removable lid and built-in drain on both compartments make clean up and conversion to a picnic table easy.
Buy Now $184.99
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