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This year at Outside Lands, one of the nation's largest music and culture festivals, attendees carved out time to meander through the marijuana marketplace known as Grass Lands, a space where more than 20 leading cannabis companies gathered to celebrate the plant and connect with other community members who embrace it.
Word quickly got out that an increasingly popular brand was on site: The Legion of Bloom, which is currently being recognized as one of the fastest-growing operations in California.

The Legion of Bloom is a 10-time award-winning Northern California cannabis company comprised of compassionate and conscientious cannabis experts who prefer to keep relatively low profiles. The brand, however, has built a steady following due to their consistent delivery of high caliber cannabis products and experiences.

The Legion of Bloom's continued rise in popularity is linked to top-selling products, like their trademark Monarch cartridge, but it can also be attributed to the company's reputation as a down-to-earth coalition of eco-conscious cultivators. There's a reason why so many cannabis enthusiasts are proud to call themselves part of the Legion. The company's philosophy revolves around a culture of respect—respect for the plant, for the planet, and for the people who create, use, and sell any of their products.

A true California cannabis collective, The Legion of Bloom began with five independent cultivators who recognized that, by working together, they might soon establish something that is more than just the sum of its parts. The five established but scrappy growers had known each other for a long time, and although their backgrounds were in the medical marijuana industry, they knew that a new market that would benefit from a fresh approach.

With a combined 50+ years of experience, that group of established farmers decided to form a creative collaboration that has since enabled them to push boundaries and develop innovative growing and manufacturing processes. Instead of viewing each other as competitors or threats, this band of brothers chose to work together, and The Legion of Bloom was born.

Since its conception, the Legion has been focused on maintaining the highest standards for their clients.

As cofounder and CEO Russel Weisman explains, "What makes the Legion of Bloom unique is our heritage; we are an organization founded by farmers with strong ties to the medical community that date back long before California's recreational market began."

When the regulatory landscape began evolving, The Legion of Bloom had laid the foundation to grow, but without sacrificing the brand's signature standards for quality and sustainability.

Instead of taking shortcuts, The Legion of Bloom began developing and offering products that turned into years in the making. The Legion credits its recent growth to their decades of experience in the field.

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"We have always focused on the quality of the experience one has when using our products. We know cannabis, and we care about what we put out into the world. We have not focused on cutting corners for short term gains. For the Legion, success is measured one quality cannabis experience at a time. Our current explosive growth in the California market is, in my humble opinion, an unintended consequence of simply doing good work."

The passionate cannabis enthusiasts at The Legion of Bloom are indeed doing ethical, meaningful work, and consumers in the know are turning to the company when they want lab-tested products that contribute to elevated experiences. The company is renowned for its ability to extract and create unique terpene profiles- the chemical compounds naturally found in plants that contribute to taste and flavor. Since 2015, Legion of Bloom has been navigating the latest technological developments in the industry. If you ever have any questions about terpenes, be sure to check out their ongoing blog series spotlighting these highly influential compounds.

If you spend time with anyone who works for the Legion, you soon learn that they're in the game for the right reasons. The company cultivates and shares cannabis with the sort of love that makes the farmers resemble an extended family more than an official affiliation.

Over time, that positive and nurturing mentality has paid off.

After suffering devastating crop losses during the 2017 Santa Rosa wildfires that gained national attention, the company had to face the difficult prospect of preparing burnt land for renewal. By choosing to partner with small-batch boutique cultivators, the Legion was able to continue offering top-notch products without the hype.

That determination has helped The Legion of Bloom become one of the fastest growing cannabis companies in the state of California. With a deep reverence for the cannabis plant, The Legion is now devoted to fostering an authentic cannabis culture for its clientele. The Legion's chief concern has always been creating cannabis products that they could offer to their friends and relatives, with the result being that all of their customers are treated as such.

The Legion pays attention to every step of the production process, from planting seeds to packaging lab-tested products for distribution. By using the most conscientious cultivation and extraction practices, the Legion is putting out some of the most sustainable products on the market. All signs point to this California cannabis company being a mainstay in the 2020 scene and beyond.

Anyone Californian who loves the plant or is even just a little canna-curious is invited to join the Legion as they continue unlocking the full potential of cannabis and all that it may become. The Legion of Bloom offers a variety of products to help you curate your own individualized cannabis experience, and legal delivery service is now available in many California locations. Click here to find a store near you!

If you see The Legion at upcoming festivals and events, be sure to stop by and say hello! Their friendly crew has been carefully trained by industry leaders, and would love to hook you up with exactly what you need.

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