Long John Silver’s Hooks In Plant-Based Seafood To Test Fish-Free Menu

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Image via Good Catch / PR Newswire

Just about every fast-food chain has experimented with plant-based alternatives to meat. Not to be outswam, Long John Silver’s has reeled in an alliance with vegan seafood startup Good Catch to trial two proteins: Plant-Based Breaded Fish-Free Fillet and a Plant-Based Breaded Crab-Free Cake.

Just as KFC has rolled out vegan chicken, the seafood chain is testing the waters for the two items across five restaurants in California and Georgia. Over the course of two weeks, customers can order the plant-based fish and crab-free cakes à la carte or in platters.

Good Catch, which is advocating ocean health, describes the fish option to sport a tender, flaky texture that’s close to whitefish—presumably catfish, because, you know. Meanwhile, the faux entrée-sized crab cakes will feature a “sweet crab flavor” and lump crab meat-like texture, along with nuance from spice, green onions, parsley, and sweet peppers.

Both options are made from a protein-packed, six-legume blend of chickpeas, fava beans, lentils, navy beans, and peas, and they, of course, contain no mercury from the sea. A report from 2018 also states that Good Catch products are free of dairy, gluten, and GMOs.

For now, the question remains: will plant-based seafood be able to capture fish eaters hook, line, and sinker?

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[via The Takeout, images via Good Catch / PR Newswire]

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