Mid-Coast Maine – Planting Zone 6a – Early January

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Last night I pulled out my bin of seeds for this year’s vegetable garden and set the onions, leeks and artichokes aside.

A nice little snow storm is in the forecast for tomorrow so I think I’ll wait until then to hook up the grow lights in the basement and get the seeds planted.

Now that we have a little more furniture in the house than we did last time this year, I won’t be setting up the long folding table in the family room and filling it with plant starts this year {and my husband is pretty happy about that}. 

I’ll still utilize the windowsills in the family room though because seriously… there is SO MUCH natural light, that it would seem like a total waste not to put it to good use.

Last year I started the onions in February and wished I had planted them a little sooner, so I thought I’d start them in January this year and hope that the onions will be ready by the time the tomatoes and peppers are at their peak. 

Home canned tomato sauce and salsa are high on my must can list this summer. And if I get enough jalapenos, I think I’ll try and can some of those too. 

I think I’ll also make some room in the refrigerator and start my lavender seeds tomorrow as well. While lavender is easy to grow from seed, it’s sort of a long process. 

Have the seed catalogs started to arrive at your house yet? I thought this little infographic from Hudson Valley Seed Company was pretty clever. 

Apparently they sell not only their spring planting guide, but a fall one as well as fine art posters. They’re so nice, I might have to get them to hang on my wall. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a really fun summer in the garden here at our place. With all the major outside projects done already {the kitchen garden, fence, walkway, most of the painting} I’m hoping we’ll be able to work at a more relaxed pace this year. 

And also, I’m excited about all the new seed varieties I plan on trying, dried beans included. 

How about YOU? Have you started to think about this year’s garden yet? Any big plans? Anyone trying anything new they’re excited about? Curious minds want to know. 

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