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Theme: All in Place - Fitting its grid placement!

17A. Well-suited to a person's abilities: UP ONE'S ALLEY.

62A. Unpretentious: DOWN TO EARTH.

11D. "Correctamundo!": RIGHT YOU ARE.

25D. Made certain: LEFT NO DOUBT.

Boomer here. Congratulations to Jana Persky on her debut. 

First, to clarify, C.C. and I live in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It is a northern suburb of Minneapolis and borders Brooklyn Center. Our city was under curfew in the evenings and many businesses have boarded up their glass windows, but we have been safe and free of the Daunte Wright protests. 

On to the puzzle. First, you pick UP a ball and roll it DOWN the LANE.  If you are getting oil conditions like I am this Spring you need to roll it hard to the RIGHT because it is sure to hook LEFT.  

A couple of Mondays ago we had a very nice 80 degree day and I got in nine holes on the course that hosts our league.  Not too good lately as we are having trouble hitting 50s recently in Minnesota.  My newspaper shows a map of the U.S. and it seems we are not alone.  I hope things will warm up for all of you in the northern half of the U.S.


1. Pats down in a weapons search: FRISKS.  I suppose we are safe from this due to Covid.  I wonder if police use a metal detector.

7. Gather, as crops: REAP.  It's almost time in MN to plant a few vegetables in our back garden.  We will be REAPing in August and September. I hope.

11. Theater ticket word: ROW.  I guess theaters are open now.  C.C. and I have not been to a theater for many years.

14. __ Beach: Southern California city: LAGUNA.

15. Memorable lioness: ELSA.  Not to be confused with Elsie, the Borden's cow.

16. Imprecise suffix: ISH.  This may also be a word if you are served fish stew.

19. Pontiac muscle car: GTO.  "Little GTO you're lookin' fine.  Three dueces and a four speed, and a 389".  Ronnie and the Daytonas.

20. One-named "Tik Tok" singer: KESHA.

21. College-level HS science course: AP CHEM.

23. Bundle of hay: BALE.

26. Kid's riddle: "Why is six afraid of seven?" "Because seven __ nine!": ATE.

28. Range above 41-Down: ALTO. 41. Range below 28-Across: TENOR.

29. Gift giver's eager urging: OPEN IT.  Unless it is moving.

32. Hire: EMPLOY.

34. Like Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony": IN F.

35. Arrow controlled by a mouse: CURSOR.  Some folks may become CURSER when the mouse doesn't work.

37. Little piggies: TOES.  One went to market, one stayed home, one had roast beef, and one went bowling on a LANE.

40. Salad green: LETTUCE.  And the last little piggy dropped a bunch of LETTUCE at the casino.

42. LinkedIn user's quest: JOB HUNT.

44. Of sound mind: SANE.  Change the "E" to an "O" and you have a Twin hitting .100.  
45. Fancy fish eggs: CAVIAR.  CAVIAR is made from fish eggs, mostly found in sturgeon.  Sturgeon are found in Minnesota but I never caught one.  Most are heavier than a bowling ball.

47. Shapiro of NPR: ARI.

48. Punctual: ON TIME.  A new baseball season!  Most games start ON TIME and then go on past my bed time.

50. __ of honor: wedding party VIP: MATRON.

52. Smell: ODOR.  Our boy Rougned ODOR is now with the Yankees.  I'll leave him alone.

53. Late-night NYC show: SNL.

55. Tenant's payment: RENT.  I lived in an apartment for ten years.  Rent is okay I guess, but you do not build up equity.

56. Like bouquets of roses: FLORAL.  We also have a garden in front of our home.  I will add some color if the weather ever warms up.

58. Dining room piece: TABLE.  We have one of those.  Great for breakfast cereal and newspaper reading in the morning.

61. Former soccer phenom Freddy: ADU.

67. Pen tip: NIB.  I remember these things that were made of licorice.

68. Reverberate: ECHO.  HELLO - hello hello.

69. Science journal since 1869: NATURE.

70. Obtain: GET.

71. Lion's warning: ROAR.  I never hear it when the Detroit football team comes to town.

72. What there may not be "in the house" during a tearjerker: DRY EYE.


1. Annual shot target: FLU.  I never got a flu shot.  The VA gave me two of those Pfizer Covid shots and now we are getting the same for C.C.
2. Knock (on): RAP.

3. "Here __ again!": I GO.  Here I GO again with the down clues.

4. Submerged: SUNKEN.

5. Joint above the ankle: KNEE.  Lately the cancer medicine has cost me some knee strength.  Bowling average is down about 30 pins.

6. Cheeky talk: SASS.  Shut up and roll the ball!

7. Tells, as a story: RELATES.

8. Building wing: ELL.

9. On the ocean: ASEA.  I believe Spitzboov spent some time there.

10. Online remittance app: PAYPAL.  I used to use this a lot when I was active on eBay.  Not so much anymore but it's a good account to have.

12. Bone: Pref.: OSTEO.

13. "To __ it may concern": WHOM.

18. "Figured it out!": AHA.  I'm sure all of you puzzle masters have figured this out.

22. Fabric: CLOTH.

23. Reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit: BOILS.  That would be 100 degrees Centigrade.

24. Sleep disorder: APNEA.  The Twins have been on the west coast for a couple of days.  They do not give me APNEA. I fall asleep watching.

27. Expressive online image: EMOJI.

30. RN's workplace: ICU.  Covid has kept them busy for over a year.

31. Stanley of "The Hunger Games": TUCCI.


33. Golf tournament kickoff: PRO AM.  I was never good enough to play in one.  I was in several PRO AM bowling tournaments though. 

36. Paper purchases: REAMS.  500 sheets in case you are on Jeopardy and some one asks.

38. Disgraced energy firm: ENRON.  There's a name out of the past.  I still have some ENRON golf balls that I bought on eBay awhile ago.  Collector's items.

39. Period of work: STINT.

43. Half a bikini: BRA.

46. Only "V" Monopoly avenue not named for a state: VENTNOR.  Yellow - the light blue Vermont Avenue would be the other "V".

49. __ Joe's: TRADER.  We've been there often. I tried the frozen pizza.  Not as good as I make by hand.  I like their dough and sauce and I still make a great pizza.

51. Peace agreement: TREATY.

52. Song from the past: OLDIE.  But Goodie.

54. Chin-up muscle, briefly: LAT.

56. Vampire tooth: FANG.

57. Not of sound mind: LOCO.  Okay, I admit it.

59. "007" James: BOND.

60. Kind of jet: LEAR.  I don't see these much anymore.  I think Tiger tried to turn an SUV into a LEAR in California.

63. "Huh!?": WHA.

64. Regret: RUE. Ms. McClanahan - one of the Golden Girls.

65. The old college __: TRY.

66. Giggle sound: HEE.  Hee Haw! Another stupid show I watch sometimes.


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