Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 2019

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Begin something new Write your own success story Be a little more daring and a lot bolder
Bright new beginnings beckon you into June, Aries. Play with ideas this month and be ‘fired up’ by them. But don’t allow them to fizzle out. The new Moon in your 3rd is one under which you can plant seeds for your future. But there’s always the risk of getting so caught up with the idea itself, that we don’t do anything with it! Don’t let this be you. Doors to long term success and even love, swing wide now. And at times it may almost seem as if the universe is extending a helping hand. But just like stepping forward to grasp it, you also need to be the instigator of your own success story now.

This month calls on you to be a little more daring and edgy in your approach. And to push the envelope when it comes to taking action to get what you want. Look closely at what you’re telling yourself around the 6th when Chiron in your 1st trines Ceres in your 9th. Just how comfortable do you feel taking a calculated risk or trying something different? Ceres speaks of a fresh start, a whole new world and new beginnings but it may take a while for you to see this manifest. Which is why you need to take that idea and not only run with it, but keep the faith too. Chiron is about your inner rockstar – rocking to that beat only you can hear. Call it the composer of the soundtrack to your life. Go by your own beat and don’t lost that rhythm. It could be time to ditch the traditional approach or move from that role you’ve outgrown, as this is also the day when Juno in your 4th opposes Pluto in your career zone. Is someone stereotyping you solely based on your gender, age, status, race or anything else? Time to show you will not be confined or restricted.

Venus in your 3rd from the 9th opposes Ceres on the 12th indicating something could now spring from the past. This occurs after an extremely rare Mutable Grand Cross forms between the Sun (3rd), Moon (6th), Jupiter (9th) and Neptune (12th) on the 10th – 11th (depending on where you sit in regards to the dateline). This could be a day when talks end up deadlocked or discussions just go round and round with nothing decided or agreed. On a personal level it can see us lost in our fantasy future and so enraptured by our vision we keep talking about it or dreaming about it but don’t actually do anything to make it real. If you are involved in meetings and discussions, deal making (or breaking), and find yourself unable to make any progress, you may have to wait for Venus and Ceres to offer a new, better deal, compromise or way out. Your direct and forthright style demands candour. So, just be aware however if someone is being deliberately obstructive, making unreasonable demands or using delay tactics, they may not have all their cards on the table.

Ruler Mars in your 4th is not a happy houseguest. This is your sector of home, family and security. It’s a feminine and intuitive house so action-centric Mars just doesn’t sit right in here. However, all transits serve a purpose and this one is no exception. If someone is holding something back or simply not being honest, Mars’s angles to Neptune and also Saturn see you getting to the truth and demanding accountability around the 14th. You’re seeking assurances and for people to make good on their promises as Mercury also in your 4th makes the same angles to Neptune and Saturn on the 16th.  This is an excellent period under which to schedule important discussions with family members or those you live with, to sign contracts, to move home or for anything to do with your business and career. Remember, Mars requires you to take action for its energy to find a positive outlet. Just ensure that anyone you are thinking of working for, doing business with or even sharing your living arrangements with, shares your upfront approach, desire for honesty and most importantly, your passion.

Be advised however that unless Mars has a constructive outlet, its energy can quickly turn to crankiness and frustration – especially towards those you live with or family members. Simmering resentments can boil over and minor snarks turn into major conflagrations. All the more reason to say what’s on your mind. But the bottom line is you won’t have much patience with those who can’t get to the point or who drag out decisions. You need an end to discussions and release into action as Mercury and Mars meet in here on the 18th – the day after a full Moon in your 9th opens one of those doors I was speaking of earlier. It may not stay open for long however so be ready to move when it does! This full Moon opens your mind to what is doable and achievable for you, it heightens your confidence and ignites your sense of adventure. If you’ve yet to take action at this point, it now ensures you’ll take those steps needed to turn those dreams into reality.

Self-control will be your key to success, not just in seeing your ideas to fruition but in dealing with others now. Above all, do not get into arguments or challenge people in positions of authority from the 18th – 20th. Your patience may be tested but do not lose your cool, no matter how confrontational or difficult people may be being. Mercury and Mars both oppose Pluto in your status, reputation and career sector. This is the house where we deal with not only bosses but people in positions of power or who represent the establishment. A combative approach will get you nowhere. If your boundaries have been crossed, I am not saying you should do nothing. But calmly state your position rather than resort to anger. The 20th also sees Mercury enter retroshadow. If agreements have not now been reached, resign yourself to the knowledge that discussions may go back and forth for a while especially as the 21st sees Neptune head retrograde in your 12th. Delays may turn out to be a good thing. Know when to push forward, let things go and above all, know when discretion is the greater part of valour.

The 21st sees the Sun in your 4th and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter one in the southern. It’s a day when the year pivots and when we can look at what we’ve accomplished so far and what we have yet to do. Although other transits may be pushing you out of the door – more on them in a moment, this is a good time to get in touch with your inner needs and desires. The best way to do this is some alone time and when it comes to making the most of the rest of 2019, you will find this a good investment. With Mars still in your 4th, you do not have to spend this at home –unless you know you are unlikely to be disturbed. Me time can be spent in the outdoors – a walk in the countryside or the park if you are a town dweller. The whole point is simply to get in touch with yourself and be clear on what it is you really want.

You are unlikely to become a hermit however thanks to Venus in your 3rd which has you reaching out and seeking strong emotional connections with everything from ideas, to your job and the people you encounter. You will be more outgoing and more open to discussing your feelings with Venus in here. The Venus/Jupiter opposition of the 23rd could see yet another opportunity appear for you. One that could even have a touch of luck about it. With Juno in your romantic 5th from the 21st, love affairs which begin now could come with the promise of something lasting. Others could be taking that ‘I do’ next step – this is Juno’s ruling month – hence the term ‘June bride’ as Juno rules marriage. Hearing from someone from you past is a strong possibility as Venus makes a tight angle to Neptune in your 12th. Just remember before getting re-involved of falling into the ‘Way we were’ fantasy.

Vesta and Uranus are meeting in your 2nd on the 23rd. We may see issues around equal pay emerge in the collective and perhaps for you personally. This is asking whether someone else is determining your value or what you receive. There may be major changes ahead to many people’s incomes and ideas around equality as a result. Mercury still in retroshadow remember, arrives in your 5th on the 27th. It’s time to plan and make those finishing touches to projects but wait to launch them skyward. Take those ideas now and incubate, refine, define and plan. This June don’t just talk about it or dream it – one small step towards it brings it one step closer to reality. Keep taking action, Aries.

In a nutshell: Take steps to make that dream a reality this month, Aries. You’re the sign of action after all. Whether its love or career, be the instigator of your own success story now.

Awaken to your true needs Step into a love that frees you Action follows intention
With Uranus in your 1st intent on a revolution when it comes to your money and values, the new Moon in your 2nd is a chance to launch that new manifesto. This Moon which appears on the 3rd can bring us down to earth if we have been exceeding our income lately. But it can also help us access assets, talents, skills and money making opportunities we may have overlooked. Just how much you actual do have at your disposal may surprise you. This is a month where if you look after your money and what you have, it will look after you. Ruler Venus is set to arrive in this its ruling house from the 9th which basically adds up to your money going further than usual if you keep an eye on it and resist the urge to splurge. You can also look forward to money making opportunities arriving. Either via a better paying or second job or you just leveraging those hidden assets.

There could be a little bit of magic and mystery around an encounter or even a journey around the time of this new Moon due to Venus in your 1st aligning to Pluto in your 9th. The following day sees Mercury arrive in its ruling 3rd making this an excellent period for travel. There is however an undercurrent, perhaps stirred up by Uranus in your 1st which is making you look at everything very differently. This especially applies to anything you feel is restrictive or holding you back in some way. I will caution you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. However, if your heart tells you something has been well and truly lived out, and if despite your best efforts, you have been unable to bring about the evolution you seek, you may find it coming to an end now. If it does, especially if this relates to a long term relationship or even a work connection, please understand it is time for both of you to move on into something new. Therefore there should be no blame or recriminations involved.  Ceres in your 8th is telling you it is time for something new. Understand you are entering a cycle of positive change where goals crystalize and even come within reach if you are willing to own the truth about your connections. You’ll especially be paying close attention to any relationship where you may be taking on more than your fair share of responsibilities now. The meeting between Vesta and Uranus in your 1st on the 23rd may offer shocking insight into one particular dynamic which has been allowed to continue for far too long. Perhaps your boss has taken it for granted once too often that you can cope with the extra workload. Or you just feel you are no longer being ‘seen’ as a lover in your relationship. Change perceptions and dynamics in ways that work for you as Jupiter hands you passion and alchemical transformation when it opposes the Sun in your 2nd on the 11th. This is your day to state your expectations and know your worth as it occurs around a Mutable Grand Cross between the Sun, Jupiter, the Moon in your 5th and Neptune in your 11th. If you want to change people’s perceptions of you and if you want to step into something new and freeing – anything from a new social circle to a job, the time is now to take action.

There’s no doubt a new dawn is breaking in a feel-good area thanks to ruler Venus in conversation with Ceres on the 12th. There’s a bargain to be struck with your future. But ensure you keep those goals realistic and also choose your company wisely. Neptune in your 11th will either connect you with people who are totally on the same wavelength as you – or else those who are literally ‘off with the fairies’. Neptune is about to head retrograde from the 21st at which point certain connections may be shown in an entirely different light. Neptune can inspire us  – infusing us with inspiration and a higher purpose. But it can also see us lost in unattainable fantasy. At its worst in our 11th, it can lead us into group escapism where we get sucked into friendships where drinking or addiction are the reasons for coming together. Ensure you are coming together for a higher purpose now.

Your opportunity to initiate a break for freedom or dynamic change appears between the 17th and 23rd starting with a full Moon in your sector of transformation and change. And ending with that Vesta/Uranus meeting on the 23rd. During this time Mercury and Mars in your 3rd meet and both oppose Pluto in your 9th. Break out into something less confining and more soul stretching and if possible do this before the 23rd when Mercury retroshadow begins. The 21st sees Juno enters your 4th. If you are settled, you’ll feel just that now. This is the day of the solstice, when the Sun enters your 3rd and the year pivots. This makes it no better time to look at what you want to change as it reminds us that the year, just like any other, is finite. How many of them do you want to waste if something no longer works or how long will you delay making something good even better? That better deal could be on the table thanks to the Venus/Jupiter opposition of the 23rd which could shore up your self-worth. Singles could be looking at an all-encompassing passion for someone who tempts them out of their usual sphere of experience. Is it time to walk on the wild side? This person will appreciate your earthy sensuality even as they urge you to take a walk on the wild side. Dare to explore where this takes you. Just ensure you keep things real when Venus and Neptune square off on the 24th. Listen to what people are actually saying. They mean it. And be direct in turn. If you run into a money issue, please get yourself professional advice now.

Mercury moves into your 4th on the 27th. Again, please bear in mind this is retroshadow period even though Mercury remains direct. Shelve those moving experiences if you can. Just be aware that Mercury in here can trigger thoughts of old relationships and even on a retroshadow or retrograde, see people from the past reappear. Exploring your roots, childhood home, family tree or even revisiting these are favoured. But when it comes to those old lovers, just bear in mind – leopards don’t usually change their spots. Remember, this month is all about new intentions, new beginnings and a new manifesto on love. Don’t look too far back now, Taurus. Time toface the future.

In a nutshell:  What’s the life or the love you want to be living, Taurus? This month asks you not only state your expectations. You also take action to see them fulfilled. State your purpose, grab your future.

You gotta have faith – in yourself Get ready to attract Change your mindset – change your life
You’re simply the best this month and you need to know it, Gemini! The stars are coming out for you, for you on the 3rd when your extra-special and highly personal new Moon of the year appears in your sign. This Moon is literally the mother of your reinvention and the most important one of the year for you. Time to see yourself in a new way and a whole new light. To rekindle your belief in yourself and your dreams. Because if you don’t – who else will? Above all, take steps towards the new, novel and previously untried. This is an excellent time to make adjustments to your appearance if only to send out the message to the world at large that you are now different on some level. And what’s more you are not putting up with more of the same! Change your energy – or your aura if you like, and you change your life. This new Moon occurs the same day as Venus, planet of creativity and beauty in your 12th angles to Pluto Lord of Transformation and Alchemy in its ruling 8th. Chances are your intuition knows the steps you need to take to initiate those changes in yourself and set them in motion in the outer world. Follow through beautifully with these.

Ruler Mercury leaves your sign the following day arriving in your 2nd. Mars is also currently in here firing up ambition, confidence and self-worth. You’re expecting to achieve more and be rewarded for it. And here’s the funny thing about expectations – reality usually reflects them when we are prepared to take whatever action is necessary.  What we are going to see as the month progresses are a series of powerful aspects between Mercury and Mars in here and Saturn and Pluto in your 8th. Mercury will also enter its retroshadow time from the 20th – the period when it is still moving forward but is covering the area of the sky it will head backwards over. So, when it comes to money, assets, property, loans, credit cards, payments, possessions, the work you do and how you are rewarded for it and yes, those expectations which determine what you receive, time to look at the effort you’ve put in and what you fully expect in return. For the first three weeks of June, push forward. After that, prepare for revision and for things to go back and forth until Mercury finally heads direct and exits its retroshadow phase. Remember, when Mercury heads backwards it will once again oppose Pluto and then Saturn. Past efforts may pay off but at the end of the day it is asking you how comfortable you feel when driving your destiny. Who is in charge? The answer to that should be this new you.

This new you could be craving a new kind of love. As well as Mercury and Mars and the Sun in your 2nd from the 21st, you also have Juno, ruler of marriage and traditional long term unions in here. Plus of course the once in 12 year benefit of Jupiter in your 7th of partnerships. All of this as well as your desire for something new which reflects this fabulous  new being you are becoming, points to you being in the mood for love – being more loving and feeling loveable as Venus arrives in your 1st on the 9th, kickstarting an important cycle of self-reflection and attraction.  Your openness and desire to express yourself is what attracts and pulls people closer this month. This doesn’t only apply to your love life but your professional one too. If you have remained connected to those career goals and followed through with doing with work plus are fired up with a determination to succeed, Mercury and Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto between the 16th and 20th  could deliver success making changes.  Please don’t take your eye off the details or the prize however. Don’t waffle and be professional. Above all, in your professional interactions you need to come across as someone who knows what they are talking about and who is prepared to deliver on it. You need to project a certain gravitas now especially when dealing with those in positions of influence. More responsibility may be offered to you so be ready to step into a leadership role if necessary.  This is no time for self-doubt and your success could very well hinge on how you come across. Please do not fudge the facts or pretend to know something when you don’t. Provided you avoid these potential pitfalls, you can combine intuition and smarts for the result you want thanks to status enhancing alignments between Mercury, Mars and Neptune during the 2nd week. The meeting between Mercury and Mars on the 18th gives you the confidence to get your point across successfully. Try to schedule all important meetings and conversations for this date if you possibly can.

You’re very much open and in the spotlight when it comes to partnership matters and June really does represent one of the best months of the year to attract a new love or any kind of partnership with long term potential, or renew the romance and breathless sense of adventure with a current partner. A lot of this does rest on your beliefs around what you can attract, have and experience so first of all do work on this. There is a new world and a new deal in love on the table thanks to Venus in your 1st opposing Ceres in your 7th on the 12th. This occurs right after a Mutable Grand Cross across the 10th and 11th sees the Sun oppose Jupiter and the Moon in its ruling 4th oppose Neptune. Your status and this includes your relationship status is up for change.  A sense of satisfaction and of seeing something through could accompany the full Moon in your 7th on the 17th. This could be a magical night for date night if you have recently met someone or for rekindling that passion with an existing partner. Plan for an adventure. You are about to set sail on a learning journey which could be of the heart, professionally or involve one or more people joining your ‘crew’!

The 23rd could see your faith in yourself and your ability to attract validated thanks to one of the most beneficial aspects of the year as Venus in your 1st opposes Jupiter in your 7th. This is the day your ability to attract and bring about the outcome you desire is at its peak. Just remember, this will not occur again for another 12 years. Be open on this day to what appears or is shown to you – especially around relationships whether working or loving ones as Vesta and Uranus meet in your 12th for the first time in your adult life. Know that you don’t have to be anyone other than who or what you are to have what you desire. If you are being made to feel otherwise by anyone else, then you need to look very closely at this. Being free to love and live your destiny should be your number one  priority.

You should end this month and your birthday cycle with a sense of optimism, achievement and with your belief in yourself at an all-time high.  If you’ve kept the faith, you should have seen at least one door to your dreams open wide this June. The 27th sees  Mercury head off into its ruling 3rd. Just remember this is retroshadow time but Mercury in here favours all those business dealings and those short trips. How you say something now just enhances your self-esteem. Infuse your communications with a personal touch and watch how the world continues to respond positively. It wants you to feel the love and it also wants what you’re selling this month, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Feel the love which comes from restored faith in yourself and your ability to attract. What comes to you could be anything from a new love to a fresh career opportunity. It’s you, baby!

Wield that personal power like a magician Pave the way for new love and success Happy solstice birthday, Cancer!
Many astrologers focus on psychic and intuitive aspects of the 12th house transits which occur immediately before our birthday. Yes, our spidey senses get tingling during this period and being a highly attuned sign, your gift for presentiment is increased. The new Moon in here on the 3rd and Venus’s arrival on the 9th boost these gifts as well as enhancing your creative abilities. What many astrologers often overlook about what I tend to call the ‘12th house soul clearing’ which immediately precedes our birthday, is that this period usually sees our energy at a peak. Why? Simple. Because when our intuition alerts us to something we usually need to follow through with action. The planets will usually ensure we have the energy to do this. The new Moon in your 12th will also hand you the desire to put the finishing touches to projects, tie up loose ends and complete anything that’s been left hanging. You want it all tied up and done and dusted by the time the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 21st and your new cycle begins. So, if anything needs to be said now – you’ll say it. Procrastination is no longer a word in your vocabulary as you’ll fearlessly tackle anything that needs to be done. You have the surging confidence of the Warrior for Self-Love now thanks to Mars in your 1st. Mars not only hands you that extra energy but provides you with that shot of passion you need when it comes to getting a head start on how you want things to be in the coming year. Especially when it comes to you and others. More on this shortly.

Your 12th rules your past and also anything that is hidden from you. This can even be how we can get in the way of our own progress and not realise it. Or it can be about hidden undercurrents in our relationships with others. Expect exposure now thanks to the Sun opposing Jupiter in your wellbeing sector on the 11th and making a tense but ‘Now you see it’ angle to Neptune which rules your 12th, on the 9th. Venus will also perform the same transits as it moves through your 12th – opposing Jupiter on the 23rd and angling to Neptune on the 24th. These aspects could deliver enlightenment when it comes to moving away from what’s been holding you back or heal and repair past wounds. They may also deliver enhanced wellbeing, freedom and benefits from something you set in motion in the past but have been delayed.

When it comes to you and others – and your closest possible ties – you’re demanding nothing short of passion, desire and a fearless approach now. One thing about the run up to our birthdays, we do a soul stocktake and look at our connections. Do we need to perform some gardening here? Does love need our attention and have we taken it for granted? Or are we being taken for granted? Mercury in your 1st from the 4th, opens the door to better communication while Mars gives you the courage to say what you need to say – or alternatively, to make that approach to someone. It is a month to initiate conversations – especially if you have been putting any off. Say what you need to say now especially with partners from the 6th when Juno which rules marriage and traditional partnerships in your sign opposes Pluto in your 7th. If you are tying the knot now, know you have entered into a marriage with this person before. You may also fall into the kind of relationship dynamic you had before too. Good dates for you/me discussions – and remember, these also include business dealings and any issue you need to talk to a close friend about, are the 14th and 16th when Mars and then Mercury oppose Saturn in your 7th, the 18th which sees you in full power mode when Mercury and Mars meet in your 1st, the 19th when Mercury opposes Pluto in your 7th and the 20th when Mars does.  Career dealings are also favoured on the 6th when Chiron on your 10th trines Ceres in your 6th, and the 11th which could hand a wonderful work opportunity thanks to the Sun in your 12th opposing Jupiter in your 6th. Deals could be done and projects brought to a successful conclusion from the 12th to the full Moon in your 6th on the 17th. Again, all these dates occur just prior to the Sun’s arrival in your 1st and your own determination to begin this cycle unencumbered could be the determining factor in bringing everything to a successful conclusion. You are literally beginning again now. Relationships could be starting on a fresh footing and a new sense of wellbeing and renewed energy could propel you forward.

Bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion by the 20th. Not just because this is the day before your birthday season begins. But because this is the day Mercury will begin its retroshadow period in your sign. Yes, it is still moving forward and will in fact, exit your 1st house and enter your 2nd on the 27th. But it is now moving across the part of the sky which it will go back over. So, time to hang fast on lauching, applying for or starting something because the chances are you will end up literally going back over old ground during the actual retrograde and subsequent retroshadow. Time to revise those plans and review what you have already begun instead.

Also, be aware that while Venus in your 12th and the Mercury retro/shadow time may bring up a past love or see them return, this is not a good time to begin a new love affair. Or rather one you hope could turn into something long term. Mars in your 1st amps up your sexiness and wants you to express your passion. It is excellent for heartstarting that existing relationship that may have drifted into the routine or vanilla. To begin something new, please wait until at least after Venus arrives in your 1st which occurs in the first week of July. Believe me, you can afford to wait. This birthday season which commences on the solstice, is going to deliver you one of the best cycles for partnership prospects that you’ve experienced for 12 years. This will occur in December when Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, arrives in your 7th house.

For now, you can celebrate, review your achievements, set yourself new goals and bask in that well-earned sense of achievement and renewed purpose we get when we have successfully tackled the tasks we have been putting off. Ahead of you now should lie an open road devoid of speed bumps. Juno’s entry into your 2nd on the same day as the Sun enters your sign, should enable you to embrace how you now know you should be treated in your relationships. In other words, Number 1. What you’ve learned could be put to good use especially when it comes to your work and wellbeing on the 23rd when Venus and Jupiter align to bring unlooked for benefits.

That soul house clearing may have extended to certain friendships. Be aware of whether or not some of these still have the meaning they once held for you especially on the 23rd when Uranus in its ruling 11th and Vesta meet. Do you feel you have to ‘keep up’ with the company you keep in some way? Are you on the same wavelength and are the decisions as to what you do, where you go or meet shared – or does one party call the shots? You’ll know now whether you’re allowed to shine in your own right or are simply in the shadow of others. And what do to about it if so thanks to a soul freedom aspect between Venus and Neptune the following day. Mercury in your 2nd from the 27th should have you adding up gains you have made over the past month. Now it’s time to put a life budget into action during the retro/shadow period. The start of your new year should see you with increased confidence in your future. Step into it with your head high and with new expectations you now know will be met, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Step into peak performance you. Ahead of your birthday, there’s simply nothing you can’t tackle, Cancer. Your confidence paves the way for new achievements. Get celebrating.

Expand your connections Love provides the entrée into a whole new world Seek answers
The new Moon in your 11th on the 3rd should stir your desire to connect and be with or find your people. This is an important new Moon for you. Especially if you feel your social life could do with an upgrade. Please make an extra special effort to connect and get out and about. The little understood aspect of this new Moon is that this is your house of the future. So, what you do or don’t do under it has long term implications. If your social life is lacklustre and you don’t make any effort to rectify it during the next 28 days following this new Moon – it will remain that way for some time to come. New friends can be made and if you have been thinking about joining a group, club or organisation, now is the time. Get social in the true sense of the word – not the social media sense. Having said this, this is an excellent time to launch that new site, blog or profile as this Moon is all about connectivity and your 11th rules the internet. This is also your house of goals as of course, a goal is something we don’t yet have and only exists in the future. To make it real, we need to take action to make it so. Setting fresh goals is another aspect of this new Moon as is recommitting to an existing one. Above all, the same rule applies as does to your social life. You must take action – intention alone is not sufficient.  You need to take whatever steps you can towards making that goal a reality during the next month. Otherwise it will remain in the realm of dreams.

Normally with Venus joining your ruler the Sun in your 11th from the 9th, I would be telling you that the next month would be more about the love of friends and enjoying good times than romance. But in your case Leo, the rules do not apply. This is because you have Jupiter in your sector of romance, children and of course, love affairs that could possibly lead you to becoming a parent or step parent.  One more reason to be out, about and being seen, Leo! Fabulous days to attract are the 10th– 11th when your ruler the Sun opposes Jupiter and a rare Mutable Grand Cross opens up a portal of creation for something new to manifest, the 12th when Venus will oppose Ceres pointing to something new, the full Moon in your 5th on the 17th, and Juno’s entry into your 1st from the 21st. Juno rules marriage and commitment don’t forget. You also have a date with big love or opportunities for play, pleasure or do attract attention for all the right reasons on the 23rd when Venus moves opposite Jupiter. To attract something or someone new, to activate your ability to do this, you need to craft a different image of yourself in your mind. To this by actively seeking out different things  – articles, ideas, experiences and yes, people. Try a new food, look or venue. Get your news from a different source. Choose a different magazine. This sends out a powerful signal to the universe that you are open and ready for new experiences. Try it and see!

Work and career changes may lie ahead whether you see these coming or not. As the planets move through your mysterious 12th house they are going to impact on both Saturn and Pluto in your house of work, wellbeing and pets. Tune in to undercurrents in your workplace. Pay attention to what your psychic self is telling you. Don’t get involved in office gossip now but keep your own counsel about what you hear and also what you feel. This especially applies around the period of the 18th – 20th when Mercury and Mars will meet in your 12th and both will oppose Pluto in your 6th. The feeling of certain dynamics being overturned in the work area (or even your thoughts around health and fitness) are further echoed elsewhere in your chart – in your 10th of career, reputation and status. Vesta moved in here on the 9th and on the 23rd for the first time in your adult lifetime, meets Uranus in here – planet of revolution, upheaval, invention, awakenings and surprises. Vesta, whose symbol is the sacred flame the Vestal virgins in Rome guarded, also has subtle connections to power and competition. In the corporate or business world we would point to one person at the top making decisions for all the others below. And because the Vestal virgins answered to the Pontifex Maximus, this could relate to pay equality or simply that glass ceiling. All of it directly points to your awakening around whether you are getting equal pay for an equal job done or whether your rewards are an accurate reflection of your responsibilities. Others may literally see power changes thrust upon them. Again, your intuition is sending you the heads-up so please pay attention. Especially if that heads-up tells you to update your CV immediately once Mercury retrohadow begins from the 20th, and Neptune which rules your 12th, heads retrograde in your change sector on the 21st. This is the same day that ruler the Sun moves into your 12th and you enter what I like to call your soul house clearing period. The Marie Kondo transit time where our energy and desire to get things done peaks. And also when we test everything from relationships to ideas for their continued relevance. What do we take forward into our new cycle with us? And what do we need to ditch? Think of this shedding as your chrysalis to butterfly period. The more you shed, the more the realised new you is revealed.

This is also the time when we are most in touch with our guides, higher selves, angel, universal wisdom or dearly departed one we feel is still there. If you are seeking answers to any question, and genuinely want them no matter what they tell you, then as Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 27th, and during its entire retro/shadow cycle, expect to receive them. How you use this information is up to you but choosing the new is what will bring you the results you seek to power you on into a whole new world, Leo!

In a nutshell: Step into the light and shed whatever holds you back in the shadows. New people and the possibility of new love could brighten your month, Leo. No more waiting in the wings.

Show the world you’re the real deal Break down those success creating steps You’ll see love and other connections in a new light
Step into the vibe of this month’s success-setting new Moon in your 10th on the 3rd. Your love of details and natural ability to see clearly the steps you need to take to get to a goal mean you above all signs, can make the most of this new Moon’s potential. Break down those career goals now and create the structure on which you can build your future success. Be mindful that ruler Mercury which is on the move from the 4th into your 11th house of the future, will enter retrograde shadow from the 20th. It will also enter your 12th from the 27th, where it will retrograde next month. Past contacts could hold the key to the future but also, be prepared to go back and forth over career matters, promotions, applications, interviews, meetings, contracts etc. Yes, begin it now but understand it may take until August for you to get the results you are after. Venus is set to enhance your professional image when it arrives in here on the 9th. While your 10th is your house of professional achievement, it is also one of the houses where we are ‘on show’. We get noticed by people in positions of power, influence and authority. We need to be taking ourselves seriously during this cycle – the Sun in also in here too don’t forget. Cultivate an aura of expertise and know your stuff now, Virgo. This should not be hard with your focus on the facts and attention to detail. This is not a ‘fake it to you make it’ time. You need to  reach within and know you are the real deal.

Showcase those unique gifts and talents, work them with self-confidence and empowerment at the start of the second week of June. This is going to be one of the best weeks of the month to apply for that new job or promotion, make that presentation or simply impress those opinion makers and people in positions to say ‘Yes’ to you as Chiron in your power zone trines a brand new day is dawning Ceres in your sector of long term security.

Let’s not only talk about those career smarts your projecting but also that ‘come hither’ romantic intensity that you’re broadcasting, Virgo. Look for love for the long haul or simply someone or something pulse-pounding? Venus in your 9th trines Pluto in your romance zone the same day that new Moon appears. If it’s not got what you’re seeking however, Juno in your 11th also entangled with Pluto could clear the way to bring in something more to your liking. Step through a portal of potential when it comes to a personal or even working relationship as for the first time in 12 years the Sun in your 10th opposes Jupiter in your 4th on the 10th– 11th. This also sees the Moon in your 1st and Neptune in your 7th. Get very clear now about what it is you need for your future – in terms of emotional and financial security. You can use this aspect to create increased satisfaction and something lasting. Venus is moving to oppose both Ceres (12th) and Jupiter (23rd) in your 4th. Again, this is the first time this has happened in 12 years. Think carefully about what you need to truly satisfy your soul in the long term – be it in love, where you live or your work. And choose based on these criteria.

What these may be and what you need to be completing or working towards will be all too apparent round the time of the full Mon in your 4th on the 17th. This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart so you will feel its effects more than usual. Don’t allow yourself to become over-emotional however. But any issues it highlights are those you need to take seriously and they relate to your long term needs when it comes to emotional and material sustenance. Family issues may feature as may those to do with your home or living arrangements. Again, look to what you need to satisfy your soul and if that is missing, come up with that strategy to get it.

Who you know as opposed to what you know will provide the basis for new beginnings and also influence your future path. Ruler Mercury and Mars spend most of the month in your house of friends, contacts, groups, clubs, networks and associations. Mars especially allows us to overcome shyness and gives us the confidence to connect. Both of these planets will oppose Saturn and Pluto in your 5th of fun, pleasure and lovers – again this adds to your magnetism when it comes to drawing potential, game changing love to you. It can also deliver us powerful friends and people who can influence our future.  The 18th sees Mercury and Mars meet in here which may see your desire for excitement, stimulation and social activity peak. Get out and about and accept all invitations that come your way especially over the next month as the Sun also arrives in here from the 21st. Connecting with friends or people from your past is also likely with Mercury not only entering retroshadow in here but also in your house of the past from the 27th. Be advised however, that is a friendship has been lived out, goodbyes may result. Take a universal viewpoint on this as it opens up the space for new and more soul resonant connections to fill it.

There’s also a release into something bigger and freer promised for you this month, Virgo. I could say a more equal arrangement when it comes to power sharing in either your personal life or your job. Or even just an escape from confining circumstances. This could even happen suddenly or unexpectedly. You may also feel you have been walking around in a fog when it comes to a relationship or situation, but now see things clearly for the first time! Uranus is always intent upon unshackling us from something that binds us and also ripping the blinders off if we’ve been walking around in blissful ignorance. This could affect a key relationship dynamic, your university course or study, travel, foreign affairs, sports or even horses if you have them! What you are seeking is a level playing field and you may suddenly see the way to either get this or else escape something that has been anything but for you as Vesta and Uranus meet in your 9th on the 23rd. If you are still intent on clinging to any remaining illusions, the reality bites angle between Venus and Neptune the next day, has you seeing things all too clearly. If love or work isn’t what it was cracked up to be, you have the power to change things by taking a radical new approach now. This may involve going down a path less travelled for you. But so much of the new is waiting there for you to discover it now. Take the signpost which says: To the Future this month, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Future making decisions, friends and even lovers act as signposts on your evolutionary journey. Work those smarts this month. You’re about to see things clearer than ever before, Virgo.

Take a leap into something breathtakingly bigger Love moves to its own beat Leave the competition in your wake!
With a new Moon, ruler Venus and the Sun in your expansive 9th this month, it’s time to look at what you need to seek out, experience and explore, Libra. Travel is favoured now especially as Mercury is direct and will not enter retroshadow until the 20th. June is like one of those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books which you may have read in your childhood. There are many paths opening up and invitations will be issued to you by the Cosmic-All-That-Is to take one towards a new opportunity. Other people have a huge role to play on your journey so open up to all connections now. Fresh starts and new beginnings are on offer. And this includes love. Big love, foreign affairs, long distance loves – this may not simply be for a personal but can be for a place, something you love doing or for something wilder and soul freeing. If you’ve been feeling restricted lately, this new Moon combined with other factors in your chart, should break you free on some level and possibility within the first three weeks of the month.

Life’s a journey and it’s time to live it to the full. Again, there are people around you who are destined to take it with you – perhaps in reality but certainly in spirit. But when it comes to love this month, someone who is very much master or mistress of their destiny and who has the confidence to chart their own soul path could feature now. This person brings music for the mind, heart and soul into your life. If you are single and seeking, be on the lookout for that lover who walks to the beat of their own soundtrack – someone highly individual, philosophical and worldly who could offer entrée into a new world of experience as Chiron in your 7th angles to Ceres in your 3rd.

Working relationships and your career, friends and coleagues in high places and dealing (successfully) with people in positions of authority and influence are also top of your agenda this month. Mercury enters your 10th handing you the ability to influence and impress with what you say and your ideas from the 4th. Mars is also in here, firing up your desire to get yourself noticed and achieve. Both Mercury and Mars will oppose Saturn which rules this house and is in your 4th, and Pluto this month. Power moves can be made. You need to be organised above all else and know when and into what you need to channel your energy. Waiting for your moment and not scattering it will be your secret to success. Above all, and I cannot emphasise this enough, these aspects hand you the ability to make in-roads into career goals like no other, especially when coupled with Uranus in your 2nd. But unless you can channel the energy productively you can end up creating conflict with people in authority or simply butt heads with immovable objects. It’s all about strategy and knowing when to push forward and when to use disretion. Do this, and you could be looking at substantial results.

You’ve both the will, energy and determination to rise to any occasion on the 18th when Mercury and Mars meet in your 10th. You’re also welcome any competition now as emerging the winner simply adds to that feeling of success. You want to be stretched, to showcase what you know, to communicate those ideas. And impress while doing so. Portals to travel and potential open wide for you now in a way they have not done for 12 years – or perhaps even more. By all means look back 12 years and look at the opportunities that were on offer then as the Sun opposes Jupiter on the 10-11th and Venus follows on the 23rd. This may go back even further however depending on your age. To the turn of the millennium or even as far back as the 80’s. It’s familiar but its new at the same time. There’s a new deal to be struck or signed or a journey with roots in your past to be undertaken as a rare Mutable Grand Cross between the Sun and Jupiter, Moon in your 12th and Neptune in your 6th may show you. This occurs just before Venus opposes Ceres in your 3rd indicating important messages, contracts or agreements which involve opportunity and propel you in a fresh direction. If it does came wrapped in that slight déjà vu feeling, you need to look back and see what you have learned since then. Choose a slightly different approach or deal this time around. This could even be signed, sealed and delivered to you under the full Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. This is a good time to bring meetings, talks and projects to fulfilment if you possibly can or even head to the airport if you are planning that trip.

Solstice Day sees the Sun arrive in your 10th and despite Mercury now being in retroshadow, this means you can still push ahead with that career agenda for now. Know you are totally ‘on show’ in some way. People especially those with influejce which we have discussed, are watching. You need to guard your reputation now, ensure you are always seen in the best possible light, and make your word your bond. You follow through on whatever you promise, especially in the professional sphere. Changes around your salary, income, money, assets, benefits, payments and anything you share with another results in a more equitable arrangement. New dynamics in power sharing or even job sharing – these too could result from the Vesta/Uranus meeting in your 8th on the 23rd. Negotiate for freedom now and perhaps this could just be freeing up the time to do what you want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Neptune in your sector of work, responsibility, routine and daily duty shifted into reverse on the 21st. Neptune is unusual as it spends almost half the year retrograde. Neptune reversals allow us to bring how we imagine things are in alignment with the reality. You can correct imbalances that have led to you bring trapped in a rut when Venus highlights these for you on the 24th.

Mercury in your 11th from the 27th sees you dealing with more people now and on a grander scale. This could be the result of your efforts in your career but also extends the month long themes of wanting to experience ore into the realm of friendships and connections. June should see you with something to celebrate and to share. So step into a bigger experience all round, Libra.

In a nutshell: Time to escape the routine and step into something bigger, Libra. Your ambitions are stirred and your thirst for new experiences increases. Opportunity and love may have a familiar feel.

Become the phoenix! Live a Magicians life Awaken to your power
Ready for a little transformation? A little magic? A little alchemy? Dance with your reawakened power in the light of the new Moon in your fearless 8th on the 3rd. Your sexual self is also demanding you recognise it, revel in its power and sensuality – and even unleash it upon the world! Cast a spell on whoever you encounter now. Assisted by Venus in its ruling 7th making come-hither moves on ruler Pluto this same day. Are you afraid of your own power to attract and have what you want? Questions around this may come up now but you need to step past any doubts. Above all, see yourself as someone powerful and with the ability to determine your future. Where you may have unwittingly given your power away should become increasingly apparent as the month progresses.  Sometimes we may be blissfully unaware we have done this. Or we may simply be so scared of our own strength and ability, we are the ones who unwittingly put obstacles in our own path. We set ourselves up for disappointment and failure by making the wrong choices that ensure we don’t actually get the outcome we want. We knock back that career opportunity as we are scared of failure. We repeatedly fall for unavailable lovers because we don’t feel we deserve someone and something real. This month has the power to banish all of that. Ready?

Become the being you were always meant to be and don’t be afraid to embrace this. Venus also shifts into your 8th from the 9th putting you in touch with the power of all those parts of you that you have repressed or denied. This is where your power truly resides so work it, baby! This same day sees Vesta enter your 7th. Later this month on the 23rd, Vesta and Uranus will meet in here for the first time in your adult life. Some of you could breakout into a more equal, freer kind of relationship. But it you have unwittingly given your power away by pursuing people who simply cannot give you what you seek, you will see this all too clearly and in doing so, change the dynamic for good.

Feel powerful yet? You should be. Ancient ruler Mars is also pushing you along a path to freedom in your 9th. Both it and Mercury are pointing to lasting changes and long term opportunity as they move through this house and as they do oppose Saturn and also modern day Pluto in your 3rd. This will be your month to say what’s on your mind and communicate how you feel. What needs to be said will be your priority and you will want others to understand now that the old you and the old rules no longer apply. The second to third weeks of the month are best for this and also for taking action on your ideas. Business, writing, publishing, contacts, communications and the internet may feature. As Mercury and Mars move through your 9th they will trine Neptune in your romance zone. Your innate sex appeal could lead you to hook in that alluring new lover. But what’s the difference this time around? You know your worth, aren’t about to give your power away and also you have the ability to look at whoever crosses your path realistically. Are they truly available? If the answer is no, you’ll have the confidence to throw them back before you get drawn in. Too many fish in your clearly visible romance sea now baby! This especially applies after the 21st when Neptune heads retrograde and Juno, ruler of commitment and marriage, enters your 10th. You’re taking yourself and your needs in relationships more seriously so only a serious love will do!

This upgraded feeling of self-worth and sense of empowerment will have a knock-on effect on your bank account, how you relate to your money and income. This month could open the door to a new source of income – perhaps via you leveraging what you already have such as your talents, ideas and skills. Others could be looking at a pay increase, or a new or second job. There is a deal to be done now so looks at what is on the table as first Chiron in your 2nd trines Ceres the deal-maker on the 6th. You are also in one of the best cycles to improve your finances for 12 years thanks to Jupiter in your 2nd. Jupiter is retrograde right now giving you the chance to look closely at what you are not using or utilising to the full. As the month progresses we will see Venus in your 8th oppose Ceres in Venus’s ruling 2nd. Financial seeds that you planted before may now come to fruition and this day favours deals and financial improvements of all kinds. As the month progresses we will see two incredible asset increasing aspects occur as the Sun opposes Jupiter on the 11th and Venus on the 23rd. Please remember, you will not have the benefit of this for another 12 years! Look to that self-worth and how powerful you feel in the material world. Agreements could be reached and that deal signed, sealed and delivered around the time of the full Moon in your 2nd on the 17th. Know your true worth on this day and come from that.

Mercury in your 9th enters retroshadow phase from the 20th. Yes it is still moving forward as it arrives in your 10th from the 27th. For some this may mark the period where you start that new job or where people begin to look at you differently thanks to the inner changes you have been making. The Sun in your 9th on Solstice day points to continued expansion and travel – despite the Mercury retroshadow. You’re no longer content to experience what you want in the realm of dreams – now you take action to live the reality. There’s no more holding yourself back or settling for second best or less than you deserve, Scorpio. Be the Magician and live the magicians life this June!

In a nutshell: June asks you to step into your power. And to reclaim it where you have given it away. From your personal life to your career – embrace a new kind of freedom, Scorpio!

Come and get your love! Does opportunity look familiar? Work that attraction factor
Ruler Jupiter remains retrograde this month. But don’t despair. This does not mean life and all those activities that set your soul afire, are on hold. It does however mean that what you do may be tinged with a sense of a repeat performance. Travelling back to somewhere you have visited in the past for example. Past opportunities may re-present themselves. Also, Jupiter retrograde allows you to look at what you have achieved so far and what dreams are still to come. With Jupiter in your 1st this is also about your image, profile, job title, biog, appearance, personal brand, business card and that first impression you give to others. Have you made some changes since Jupiter entered your sign at the end of 2018? Are you happy with the way you look? Use this time to update your look, lose weight or make further changes. What do you think the way you look is saying to others? Above all, does it say you care for yourself, value yourself, love yourself?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The world or the people you encounter this month will mirror who you are or the message you’re broadcasting this month. So take note.  The new Moon of the 3rd in your partnership sector acts as this. Its about your past, present or potential partner. In business, friendship or in love. It could also be about that opponent or enemy. This new Moon always marks a new cycle of relating and will usher in someone or a deeply personal dynamic, that reflects what we think about ourselves. Don’t like who or what is reflecting back at you? Upgrade your relationship with yourself and then ensure the outer you is an accurate reflection of that inner love. Radiate it out into the world and watch who or what you attract back.

You are entering one of the best cycles of the year for lasting love, romance and attraction so you need to be feeling your best to work it! So consider this work your investment in love, Sag.  The fabulous cycle of attraction and opportunity intensifies from the 9th when Venus enters your 7th which of course, it rules.  With the Sun in here you shine and attract not only people, but different circumstances too. Love or creative self-expression is high on your agenda. Above all, understand it is how you respond to what you attract that says everything about how you are feeling within. Are you as open, optimistic and expansive as you possibly can be? Do you feel that good things are coming your way and most importantly, you deserve them? Are you ready to say yes? The 10th -11th sees the Sun oppose Jupiter and you should be broadcasting loud and clear now so look at who or what is answering you. This day sees a portal of potential – a rare mutable grand cross stretch across the sky.  Yes, it requires you to maintain a vision, be confident and make an effort to attain something. As it involves your ruler working on your behalf, this is all for your benefit. So approach it knowing that a step towards it should result in you getting the result you are after. This aspect also includes the Moon in your 10th and Neptune in your 4th. So this could well involve your career, reputation, living arrangements or long term security. Remember the rule of Jupiter – Jupiter invites. This is an invitation. It is entirely up to you how you RSVP. But please, don’t have any regrets over opportunities you did not make the most of during this cycle. 

The bargain you make could be with someone else or it could be with yourself. There’s the chance to step into a whole new world or strike a new deal as Venus opposes Ceres also in your 1st on the 12th. Ceres is all about power as well as compromise. This could see you rebalancing the power in an existing partnership or union, negotiating on your own behalf in a working relationship or simply entering that new dynamic that was promised by that new Moon. Power and values are a sub-theme for you this month including how powerful you feel in the material world, what you are prepared to work long and hard for, and what price you are putting on your time, skills and value in any situation – this also includes personal relationships as well as your work. How do you expect to be treated and rewarded? This is not just at the heart of that Ceres new deal but it echoed by Mercury and Mars moving through your 8th house of shared resources, power money and change. Both Mercury and Mars will oppose Saturn and Pluto in your money zone as they do this and both of them will meet in your 8th on the 18th. This could see a negotiation enter a key stage or even come to a climax – and this is echoed by a powerful full Moon in your 1st the day before. This full Moon is asking you to have faith in yourself and to take a bold leap into the future. If you like it’s about betting on yourself. Taking a chance but a calculated one. The full Moon in our 1st reflects its light back into the opposite house – your 7th.  This full Moon brings out your true feelings about the person or situation ‘opposite’ you so pay attention. Go or stay? Yes or no? You decide.

If you are seeking commitment or something permanent you’l want that partnership that honours your sense of advanture and freedom more than ever once Juno arrives in your 9th from the 21st – the day of a solstice. If you are tying the knot, then your vows may reflect this. Also if you are settled, your partner needs their time in the spotlight too so ensure you allow this and let them know just how much they mean to you. It is their time to shine too. The 21st is the day of the solstice and the time the year pivots. For you, this weeks the Sun’s entry into your 6th of daily work, responsibility, health and pets. After love and freedom reigning supreme this may bring you down to earth with a bump. There are still tasks to be done, meals to be cooked and the trash to be taken out. You will be examining your routine to see where it can be adapted to create more spontaneity and freedom and also you diet or lifestyle choices to see where more time and energy can be freed up.

Come and get your love! The best day for making love or dreams to come true for you in 12 years occurs on the 23rd when Venus and Jupiter align. This could present an opportunity like none other you have seen in a very long time and it could also embody the very essence of what you have been sending out there throughout the month. Be ready when it or they appear. It is likely to involve at least one person. Just remember that the essence of your 7th is about partnership and love and this can take a variety of forms. Don’t just feel the love now – be the love you want to experience in your life. This will also be a reflection of those inner values as this is the day when Vesta and Uranus meet in your 8th. This opportunity or person represents a powerful shift in your inner dynamic based on your self-worth and what you believe in.

Mercury entered its retroshadow phase in your change sector on the 20th but is still going forward. It arrives in your 9th of long distance travel and all things Sag related from the 27th. Plans may be subject to change and deals and negotiations go back and forth. Travel to past destinations is favoured. I should not need to tell you to hold off for now booking that long haul trip until Mercury is out of retrograde and the shadow especially while your ruler is also retro. However, something worthwhile could just represent itself or an old opportunity reappear in updated form. Again, it’s an invitation and your call how you respond. If you look back 12 years and there was a road not taken you now regret – it could just open up again, Sag. Make June a No Regrets month and live it large.

In a nutshell: Embrace your power to attract! June opens a door to expanded love, duos of all descriptions and success like you have not experienced in 12 years! Get some good, good love, Sag!

Opt for the love which evolves your soul Equality, powersharing and passion define work and play Don’t hurry romance
Less of a grind, more daily satisfaction when it comes to work, wellbeing and routine, is promised by the new Moon in your 6th on the 3rd. Look to your diet and also your ideas and what needs to be changed or shed. I am not just speaking of any excess pounds but thoughts, ideas and yes, the rut you may have inadvertently fallen in to. Is there a better more artful way of going about your daily tasks? What have you taken on board in terms of ideas around how things need to be done that could work better for you if they were changed? Are you bored? If so, change things up now. Is there another way you could get to work, schedule those tasks so they flow better, bring new ideas and experiences in to your everyday life? Look to where you can innovate and set yourself free. Freedom is a big theme for you now and for the next seven years due to Uranus, planet of awakenings, in your playful and romantic 5th. Can you turn work or at least what you have to do to take care of yourself materially and physically, into play? That’s one of the questions you’re facing this month.

Before Venus moves in to enhance your working relationships when it enters your 6th on the 9th, it intensifies attraction as it angles to Pluto in your 1st on the same day as the new Moon appears. Look your best and feel your best especially if immersing yourself in romantic encounters or simply good times is your goal. Juno which rules marriage and commitments is in your partnership sector and you have Mercury in it from the 4th. The 6th sees Juno oppose Pluto in your 1st – this can be a time of promises made as in your long term relationship status, or changes made. Mars is also in your 7th this month and remember, the Sun arrives in here on solstice day – the 21st. You’ll be looking closely at the potential around love and even working relationships and friendships. Remember please, Mars ignites passion and desire but also shows us where it is missing. Mars in our 7th demands expression and if we do not make love, we make war instead. If things are going well between you and a partner, you can not only achieve a great deal together with Mars in here but reignite things between you if they have become somewhat tepid of late. If you relationship is set for the long haul, then both Mercury and Mars in here opposing your ruler Saturn and then Pluto, and their meeting on the 18th, tell you that things are set for the long term. Deeper commitments can be made. If not, the call to live a love revolution which is happening in your 5th thanks to Uranus, may see you part company. This may especially apply if you feel you are being taken for granted, not allowed to shine in your own right or if you have started to feel your relationship is a business rather than a love connection. I am not saying this may necessarily spell the end. Often we can renegotiate the terms of our connection which is what Ceres in your 12th promises you.  Venus will oppose Ceres on the 12th and you have a full Moon in your 12th on the 17th. Hidden aspects of a connection may appear or you may feel unable to suppress how you truly feel any longer.

Turning back to what love really means to you, and what truly matters, recapturing lost passion or simply owning what you want  and not settling for less, will be highlighted not just by the Sun’s arrival in your 7th on the 21st, but by the powerful Venus/Jupiter opposition on the 23rd. It’s time to speak your truth or acknowledge it. If you are single, make a pledge to yourself not to settle for anyone or anything less that you know you deserve.  The rest of the month simply tells you to stop pretending things are right if they are not. You need to live your love truth, Capricorn. Uranus is sending you a soul call to do this in your 5th. Truth, freedom, beauty, love – yes, this is your sensual Moulin Rouge revolution. You can-can-can when it comes to creative self-expression, immersing yourself in pleasure which radically awakens or galvanises your soul, and lovers like no other you have encountered before Your needs and your perception of who you are are changing and evolving. Along with this comes an awakening which may place a new perspective over past and existing love affairs. That fresh spin on love may be apparent the day Vesta which rules both power, service and competition, meets Uranus for the first time in your adult life in here.

If a new lover appears now know that the potential could be significant. They could represent this new dynamic that is emerging for you. One of equality, powersharing and passion. Or you can magically transform an existing love to encompass this if you are both on the same page, or release yourself to find one that reflects all of this. Mercury enters retroshadow in your 7th from the 20th. It is still heading forward and will in fact arrive in your house of transformation and yes, sex from the 27th. While in here it will head retrograde and then back into your 7th, before moving forward again on August 2nd. Because of this, don’t hurry love. Someone may appear, disappear and then re-appear again. Also, if someone from your past turns up, look at how your needs have changed and ask yourself if they can fulfil them? You have changed – have they? Is this a love which evolves you or one that represents an old and now outgrown dynamic? Love demands evolution. So does that day job (paid or unpaid) and that routine too. If it’s not moving, if it’s stagnant, if it’s become hard work or if it ties you in place, evolve it, move it or move on now, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Join the love evolution. You need romance and passion to evolve your soul. Does your current connection give you that? Stuck in a love rut? June could just propel you out of it, Cappy!

Heaven helps those who help themselves Turn desires into reality New people and opportunities come your way
This month’s new Moon in your 5th wants to awaken you to new beginnings, romance, attraction, creativity and starting something new. Making babies, children, young people or relationships which could lead to you becoming a parent or step-parent are in focus. As are being seen, making your best impression, showcasing what you have to offer and good times. It’s time to feel lighter, brighter and more carefree. Especially if things have been heavy going of late due to planets in both your 6th and 12th houses (more on these shortly).  Venus also arrives in your 5th from the 9th joining the Sun already in here. With Ceres and Jupiter in your future making 11th house, and with both the Sun and Venus set to oppose these this month, June is set to bring wonderful new beginnings, people and opportunities your way. Who you encounter now, whether they are a potential love interest or otherwise, is set to play a major role in the direction your future is about to take you. I therefore should not need to tell you that this is not the time to stay home and cocoon. You need to be out and about and be seen in the best possible light – so indulge yourself a little to ensure you feel this way. The 5th is your house of pleasure and this includes giving yourself some pampering or a wardrobe upgrade if need be. You need to ensure you feel radiant so you can attract.

When Jupiter first entered your 11th at the end of last year, I told you to make three wishes and to expect at least one of them to come true in the upcoming 12 months. Have any manifested? What’s your progress when it comes to turning a dream into a goal and a desire into reality? If you read your Jupiter forecast back then, you may remember I told you that Jupiter was not a combination or Santa Claus and our Fairy Godmother all rolled into one overweight, red glittersuit wearing package. We have to activate Jupiter’s generosity and capacity for ‘lucky’ breaks by taking whatever action we can to make wishes come true. Have you? June offers you one of the best months, not just of 2019 but for the next 12 years, to turn a major goal into living, breathing reality for you. Both the Sun in your 5th and Venus will oppose Jupiter on the 11th and the 23rd. The 10-11th (depending on your time zone) also brings us an extremely rare Mutable Grand Cross. Like a door opening up in the sky it forms between the Moon in your 8th of powerful changes and Neptune in your money and self-worth zone as well as that Jupiter/Sun opposition. Contacts, networks and connections could play a role in putting you in the way of whatever it is you have been hoping to gain, attain or achieve. What are you prepared to offer, concede, compromise or give up in return to have it? Know the price you are prepared to pay. Yes, having a dream costs in some way, shape or form. Going from being single to being settled means giving up being able to do whatever we want when we want. We have to talk about this with our partners and take their feelings and wishes into consideration. But we gain so much more in return. Having that dream job could involve spending more hours at work so you have to strike a new balance between this and your other commitments. You gain something but everything is a trade off. This is what the Venus in your 5th opposition Ceres in your 11th of the 12th is asking you to understand. However, this does not mean that the new reality you create through this process does not live up to expectations. Nor replace what went before with something so much better.

The full Moon in your 11th on the 17th could bring this process to a peak with you agreeing the deal which allows you to have what it is you want. Anything you set aside as part of this, is no longer needed or no longer serves you. So see any concessions you make not as giving something up, but stepping free of what was preventing you from having your goal manifest in the first place! Looked at this way, you now get to have it all after all!

Mercury entered its ruling 6th in your chart on the 4th and along with Mars in here hands you ideas to re-vamp your routine, get the job done and also restores your energy levels if you have not been firing on all cylinders lately. Your workload could increase and you feel you can take on more. Just take care not to rush or exist on coffee and takeout as a result. Mistakes can and will be made unless you stay focussed on the details and accidents can happen unless you take care. Changes may occur around your work situation whether it is paid or unpaid as both Mercury and Mars will oppose Saturn and Pluto in your 12th as they move through this house during the third week of June. Provided you keep focussed, your bank account could enjoy the benefits and please utilise any creative ideas you have when it comes to earning extra income thanks to two beautiful angles between Mars (14th), Mercury (16th) and Neptune in your 2nd house. Mercury will enter its retroshadow phase from the 20th. Although it is still moving forward and enters your 7th on the 27th, it will backtrack across this part of the sky next month before going forward again. So, please try to put the finishing touches to work related projects before this happens. If you are looking for a new job, try to get the interview process out of the way before the 20th if you possibly can. You have a little leeway here as the Sun arrives in your 6th from the 21st and if one of those wishes you made includes a new job, you also have Venus and Jupiter working for you.

Themes of long term love remain in the air thanks to Juno entering your 7th from the 21st making June a wonderful month for any waterbearers who want to say ‘I do’. Venus arrives in this its ruling house next month also. If a romance begins under these influences you could see it deepen into something lasting by then.

Ruler Uranus in your 4th is redefining what it is you need to sustain you over the long term. Be this your home, family network (either the one you were born into or the one you create), and yes, your job and income too. Above all, it’s asking what it most important to you? What do you need to feel loved safe and secure and what is the price you place on those things? The 23rd sees Vesta which rules competition, sustained duty and subtle power meet it in here for the first time in your adult life. Have you unwittingly been playing out a sibling rivalry dynamic within your family – perhaps engendered by a father or other authority figure? Made to feel you are not in a supportive unit but a competitive one? Constantly compared unfavourably with someone else? This could even be played out at work. Uranus upends this, shows you the truth and frees you to go and create something so much better. Of course, that deal that you are striking could play a role here. There’s a better one on offer for you this June whether it’s in one to one relationships or team efforts, Aquarius. Make your move and claim the prizes that are waiting for you this June.

In a nutshell: What have you done to turn wishes and dreams into the reality of having, living and loving, Aquarius? Take action especially if its love you seek. The universe lends a helping hand.

Let your love flow and go where it takes you Own your path Live your life and your success on your own terms
This month’s new Moon appears in its ruling 4th in your chart. This is one of the houses of our charts where we set the future in motion – our 11th being the other. This Moon says: This is your path and yours alone to define. Own it. If you have been living in someone’s shadow, living up to their expectations or ambitions they never fulfilled, now is the time to step free of this. Life can flow in an entirely fresh direction and be yours to craft. If you are ready to assume the responsibility for your path that is. In a way, this Moon asks you to be a grown up. Looking at where you are living, your living arrangements, who you share your space with – anyone from family members to flatmates to temporary ones like Airbnb guests will feature. As could getting creative about how you can make money from your ‘space’ once Venus enters here on the 9th. If you love where and how you live, then commit to it and do whatever you can to enhance it. If not, now is the time to change things.

You of all signs know what it is like to ‘go with the flow’ – and know when the tide is turning in a new direction. So, don’t resist the current that wants to sweep you along this June, Pisces. This includes invitations and being swept up in a new social or work sphere too. Owning that life means owning that career path too. Did you choose yours or was it chosen for you? Did you fall into what you are doing by accident? If so are you happy? If that’s the case then you were in the right place at the right time and synchronicity took a hand. If you are not, look around at alternatives and as you do, synchronicity may play another hand for you. You are enjoying the benefits of Jupiter in your career sector – the mentorship of the cosmos and generator of seemingly ‘lucky’ breaks in a way you have not felt for 12 years. Your ability to sell yourself, make serious move and impress those that matter is supersized this month. So, how do you plan to work that? You will need to do just that as there are no shortcuts to success, but if you make the effort, Jupiter could just step in to big up those chances for success or simply put opportunity in your path.

The Sun in your 4th makes a tight angle to ruler Neptune on the 9th, asking you to get real and also whether you are prepared to step into that flow I was talking about to get what you what. It’s no good just dreaming, this is a day when you need to be doing. The 10th -11th are days to be door knocking, showcasing those professional smarts and what you have to offer and above all, to move with confidence and a certain degree of boldness as the Sun opposes Jupiter and a massive portal of opportunity in the form of a rare Mutable Grand Cross, opens above you thanks to the Moon in your 7th opposing Neptune. Don’t allow lack of confidence or anyone’s opinion to undermine you now. Remember what I said about owning your path. The following day could see an offer or a deal to be done thanks to Venus in your 4th opposing Ceres in your 10th. This is not the final success making move for you of the month however. Reach for your peak potential as the full Moon appears in here on the 17th. A final success-defining aspect occurs between Venus and Jupiter on the 23rd which could literally see you banking on the results. What you don’t think possible can be and is on this day as news could just change that long term dynamic or even how others (especially family members) see you as this is also the day when Vesta and Uranus meet in your 3rd. This could mark the day you claim that path especially if you have been living one who direction has been dictated by someone else.

Mercury joined Mars in your 5th from the 4th and on their way through this house have been opposing both Saturn and Pluto in your social zone while making beautiful moves to ruler Neptune in your 1st. That new ownership of you is something you simply cannot but help project across all areas of your life now. New, influential and powerful friends may be drawn to you as a result of this. Mars in here stirs up passion and the desire to express this. Are you looking for love? Wait until the Sun enters your 5th on solstice day the 21st when you truly begin to radiate an aura of glamour and allure. This day also sees ruler Neptune turn retrograde in your 1st. As you know, your ruler spends almost half the year retrograde allowing us to see things in a very different light. You may be looking at relationships very different as a result especially when it comes to lovers. Flirt, don’t take things to seriously now and if you have no-one to call your own, above all, keep going with that flow and channel your passion and sensitivity into creative self-expression and doing things you love. It needs to go somewhere but not right now into looking for love in all the wrong places. Bear in mind that Venus which rules our love life, will enter here early next month. At which point that flirtation can turn into so much more.

Be aware however that if you and either a friend or a lover are not on the same page, the meeting between Mercury and Mars on the 18th, and both planets opposing Saturn and Pluto in your 11th, could say ‘Time’s up’ for any connection that has been lived out. Mercury enters retroshadow in your 5th the day before ruler Neptune goes backwards in your sign. At this point, Mercury is still moving forwards and it arrives in its ruling 6th in your chart on the 27th. I should not need to remind you that Merc Retro in its ruling house equals an extra dose of Mercury mayhem. Please begin to plan accordingly. Hopefully by this time you have brought those career and even property or home matters to a successful conclusion. When Mercury backs up into your 5th, romance may get a little uncertain, lovers or even you, could change their minds, cool off or just get caught up in something else entirely. Again, if this happens don’t panic, don’t chase and just be in the moment or dare I say it: if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, to quote the song from the 60’s. Mercury retro in your 5th can bring back a love from the past – a lover or even something you loved to do especially when combined with Venus in here as it will be during the retro cycle. When choosing whether or not to get reinvolved however, remember, this month is all about owning your path, your decisions and your future. It’s your choice. And you have more than one choice before you. Own them and go where life wants you to flow, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Own your path and your destiny now. Above all, don’t blame others for past mistakes. Life is flowing in a new direction. Make a decision to go with it this June, Pisces.

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