Not Even Fifty

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 Autumn is here with a vengeance.  Not only is it getting dark at 6pm, this morning started with rain and then the temperature never got up to fifty degrees, although it was sunny in the afternoon.  It was so chilly when I left tonight's knitting guild meeting I tested to see if I could see my breath.  I couldn't but I felt that it was a near thing. I had to put on the windshield defroster driving home.  It's still October, for goodness sake!

The Stellas are still showing up.  Here's one surrounded by buds so there is hope for the future.  My friend CS texted me a picture of an iris she found in a garden in Oshkosh.  Iris' still blooming?  Amazing.

The Black-eyed Susans are still out there giving their all.  It amuses me that every other plant is blooming while the others just have stems with centers left.

At the Knitting Guild meeting the program was on Mosaic Knitting so I pulled out my pre-knitted hat brim and got to plunge right into the fun, colorful stuff.  I'm kind of a slow knitter so I only got eight rounds knitted but I like the way it's turning out.

I went on YouTube this morning and found another video drawing lesson that I drew along with.  It wasn't the day's lesson but yesterday's.  I needed the practice and encouragement.  It's a little weird because he's teaching kids but I like it because I can hit pause to catch up to what he draws so quickly--and also erase my booboos.


Today's toss was a tape to mp3 converter that Durwood bought about 15 years ago.  I suspect that it's so old that it wouldn't hook up with today's computers.

The prompt today said that a woman comes into your work and greets you like a friend.  You don't know her and she makes you uneasy.  What do you do?  I said I'd confess that I don't remember her and try to figure out why she makes me feel nervous.  I'd also hope that someone comes in and shoos her away.  I'm not very confrontational.


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