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42.00 USD

Our original plant hanger + self watering planter is a modern twist on macrame. It's minimalist style makes a bold statement, and its design is super functional.
Choose to use our self watering planter design or any shaped planter you might have, as our sling is made to fit any shape (We recommend using planters up to 8.5" diameter (22cm))

This Plant Hanger is made up of a wooden hook that attaches to your wall (screws + anchors are provided). A grove in the hook allows the thread to run through making it strong and allowing you to adjust the height of your planter.

The planter is spun from lightweight aluminum and has a saucer with a small pool for excess water so that your plants don't come in constant contact with water (that's really bad for them!). A cord runs into the planter from within the water pool, allowing the excess water to keep watering your plants when they're dry.

Choose between gray, light blue, green or navy thread.


• Approximate Size : Hook: Length: 9 inches (22 cm) Thread: from tip of hook until base of planter about 19 in (50 cm)
• Color: Choose from Heather Gray, Dark Blue or Light Blue
• Material: Oak and cotton thread
• These should only be installed in hard walls, not drywall. If you'd like to install on drywall please consult with a professional, as the anchor I supply isn't the right one for drywall.

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