See how we made a DIY raised garden bed using just $40 in wood and what we decided to plant

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LOVE having fresh veggies for the Summer!

DIY Raised Garden Bed
This is a post I wrote several years ago as we were creating our DIY raised garden bed.  For just about $40, we made our own from wood purchased from Lowe's, and then had fresh veggies all Summer long! 

I am super excited about our penny pinched garden that we're starting this year! 

We've had a garden for years in the ground, but last year just got too busy to get started and missed a season of fresh veggies. So, when I saw this great raised garden bed idea on Pinterest last Saturday morning, I begged my husband to consider it.

Since I'm pretty sure he's a farmer at heart, he happily complied.

While I really wanted to use the beautiful cedar planks that were used HERE, but when he got to Lowe's the cedar boards were $60.  (That would have cost us $300 ~ yikes!)

Instead, he settled on untreated wood. So, for $43 (after using a $10 off $50 Lowe's coupon) one box is finished, and I'm pretty sure we're going to do another one this weekend.

I see fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans and maybe even potatoes in my future!
How to Make Your Own Raised Garden Bed

If you're looking to make your own raised garden bed, you'll need to have GOOD instructions – especially if this is your first time building something like this.  The type of soil and the type of wood you use is important, so be sure to follow those guidelines.

We followed these directions almost to a tee, and James is hoping to hook up a watering system to the garden so we won't have to worry over the watering.

(Since we don't have a watering system in this crazy Alabama heat, he created a direct dripper system a few summers ago that waters every hanging basket and flowerpot in our yard. It saves a ton on water, and all of my baskets look fantastic all summer long. . . I'll show you pictures of that one of these days because it's amazing!)
What to Plant in a Raised Garden Bed

There are SO MANY plants that you can put into a raised garden bed.  The type of plants you use can also depend on the depth of your soil.  For most plants, 8 – 12 inches is fine – but if you're planting a lot of different vegetables, plan on trying to have at least 18 inches of soil.

Basically, as long as you have the space, you can plant whatever you would like in your garden.

Last weekend we finally had time to plant our Raised Bed Vegetable Garden, and I just can't wait to see our veggies start growing! 

We decided to try out the square foot gardening method (which we've never used before), and I'm shocked at how many vegetables it looks like we'll be able to grow in such a small space.

Here are the plants we decided to put in our DIY raised bed garden:
Green Peppers Red Peppers Tomatoes Red Onions Sweet Onions Red Potatoes White Potatoes Sugar Snap Peas We still have four more squares to plant, but are trying to figure our what we'll use eat that doesn't take up much space. My kids are begging for cantaloupe and watermelon, but I'm pretty sure they won't fit! We just split the space into 1 foot squares, and then planted certain veggies in each quadrant. . . I was so excited because the peppers looked so good . . . after paying full price for peppers last year and can't wait to have them fresh from the garden to freeze again this year! Here are the boys planting . . . And Jackson helping Reagan learn to plant . . .

While I'm so excited about our garden, my favorite part of the weekend was getting our ferns on the front porch . . . I love “Hanging of the Ferns” Day around here! 

Until moving to Alabama I really didn't love ferns, but something about living in the South and seeing a slew of ferns on the front porch just makes me happy these days. And I'm telling you what, the ferns at our local nursery were just incredible this year.

I'd love to somehow keep ferns through the winter and not have to re-purchase them this year, but we don't have anywhere to keep them in the winter. If you've ever tried keeping ferns indoors over the winter months I'd love to hear your suggestions.

We also bought several plants to start working on our planters, but haven't quite gotten them planted  yet . . .

If you're considering starting a raised bed garden at home but don't want to build one yourself, you may want to check out this Best Choice Products Raised Garden Kit.


You can also get the All New Square Foot Gardening Book for around $10 (regularly $19.98), and if you're here in the South and love flower gardens, our favorite gardening book is Harvey Cotton's Easy Gardens for the South.

He's a local author and the book is incredible . . . not all that  penny pinched but a must have for serious Southern gardeners!

Have you started Spring planting at your house? I'd love to know what vegetables or flowers you're trying out this year, and if you have any tips for us as we go I'd welcome those too! Take a minute to leave a comment to share.

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