Tekton Announces Stance on USA-Made Tools

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Tekton sent out an email to newsletter subscribers today, to discuss their USA-based tool production.

8 years ago, I spoke with a Tekton manager, and they discussing efforts they were taking to turn the brand around.

I purchased a large sampling of Tekton tools at the time, and while decent value-priced offerings, I was not terribly impressed. The quality was about the same as I had previously experienced with the brand.

Their standards were low, and nobody really cared.

But, that was 8 years ago, and the company was changing.

A short time later, they came out with USA-made pliers. And then USA-made punches. USA-made screwdrivers. USA-made hard-handle screwdrivers.

I bought more Tekton tools over the years, mainly for evaluation purposes, but some for personal use, and they have indeed turned things around. Tekton is now well-known, well-liked, and their tools and customer service have a very different reputation than before.

Following is Tekton’s full announcement, with added line breaks for easier readability.


I’m John Amash, the CEO of Tekton, and I wanted to share exciting developments about our US manufacturing efforts.

More and more of our tools are now made in the US, through a combination of our in-house manufacturing operations and partnerships with some of the best contract manufacturers in the country.

The percentage of USA-made products in Tekton’s lineup is now over 20 percent, including angle wrenches, crowfoot wrenches, dead blow hammers, groove joint pliers, hard-handle screwdrivers, high-torque screwdrivers and nut drivers, pick and hook sets, and several tool storage products. Our next USA-made category will be flare nut crowfoot wrenches.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, broaching, laser engraving, vibratory polishing, and pressing. Although we maintain strict control over the materials, processes, and specifications everywhere we make our tools, we believe there’s no substitute for working in our own plant with our own equipment. So we’re working hard to expand our in-house manufacturing capacity.

To encourage you to try our USA-made tools, I’m providing the promotional code below. It gives you up to $10 off the highest-priced item in any order of $100 or more placed with a new or existing account on Tekton.com.

While I hope you’ll use this code to try a USA-made product from Tekton, it will work on any Tekton.com order of $100 or more.

Promo Code: GIFT10

Enter the promo code at checkout on Tekton.com to receive the discount. Expires Tuesday, March 15, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

A quick related note on country of origin: I take seriously the importance of transparency about where we make our tools. The country of origin (or countries of origin for some products with parts from multiple places) is clearly stated under the “Specs” section on each product’s page on Tekton.com.

When we say the country of origin is “United States,” we mean that the whole tool is made here, including its components.

All of this is great to hear.

Over 20% of Tekton’s lineup is now made in the USA. While this number could be higher, it’s still substantial.

I particularly like this part – “we’re working hard to expand our in-house manufacturing capacity.”

Tekton, and every decision-maker or manager involved in helping to make this happen, should be applauded.

Keep it up!

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