These planter ideas will give you the ultimate garden goals

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The best part is, they’re easy to make and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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I’ve been a fan of pallets for the longest time because there are so many projects you can do with them. One of them just happens to be a planter for the garden.

If you’re in the mood to get started on some planter DIYs, check out a few of my suggestions below for unique planter ideas.
1. Raised Pallet Garden

Turn a portion of your yard into a pallet garden. Begin by cleaning your pallets and turning them over.

Then, cut and lay on a sheet of garden fabric on top, making sure to leave a few extra inches to go around the ends. Staple the fabric in, and turn your pallet over again.

Then, staple the overlapping pieces of fabric to the top. Once you’re done, add your topsoil and place your plants in.
2. Strawberry Planter

Can’t get enough of strawberries? You can now grow your own strawberries in the comfort of your home.

By the way, don’t forget to drill quarter-inch holes in the bottom of the baseboard. These will act as the drainage system for your strawberry plant.
3. Easy-to-Build Planter Box

This versatile planter box adapts to the size of the panels you have on your pallets. That being said, the longer your pallets are, the more planks you’ll have for your planter box.
4. Hanging Pallet Planter Box

This hanging vertical planter is great for small gardens because it won’t occupy floor space. Instead, you’ll only need to attach 1 1/2 eye hooks on each of the planter’s sides, and another eye hook on the ceiling to hold it up.
5. Upcycled Succulent Planter

Don’t forget to place pocket trays in your upcycled succulent planter. To do this, simply attach your landscaping fabric to the top panels.

Remember to start from the back to the front.
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6. Cascading Flowers Planter

Once your plants are fully grown, this cascading flower planter will look like a beautiful bush in your garden. Give your flowers extra care by making sure to water them every day, as the holes in the planter can easily dry the soil.
7. Jam Jar Planter

Have a few empty jam jars to spare? Use them in your next planter project!

Start by drilling and screwing hose clips to your pallet. Place your jars in to check if the clips are tight.

Then, take your jars out, layer in your gravel, soil, and chosen plant. Place it back on the pallet once you’re done.
8. Rainbow Pallet Planter

Use 2 coats of acrylic paint on your pallet boards, but don’t forget to let the board dry before applying the next coat. Finish off with a layer of varnish once you’re done.

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9. Hose Holder with Built-In Planter

I’m a sucker for extra storage space so this hose holder with a built-in planter is on my to-do list! By the way, Dave recommends using the nail gun and securing everything in place even if the wood glue hasn’t dried just yet.

Doing so will ensure a sturdier piece.
10. Planter Centerpiece

Pallet pieces secured by L-brackets will give you a new centerpiece to place on your table. You won’t even have to worry about the box leaking because you have coconut husks hidden inside to catch and help absorb the water.
11. Chicken Wire Planter

Start by cutting a triangle to make the cone shape of the chicken wire planter. Then, roll the triangle into a cone shape and staple this onto your pallet wood.

Don’t forget to create a closed-end on the bottom section by folding and tucking in the chicken wire.
12. Mini Pallet Planter Box

Want pots and planters but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of space? Try this mini pallet planter box, which only measures about 13 1/2”.

To reduce soil clean up, simply place a pot of your favorite plant inside. That way, you won’t have to get your hands dirty with the soil anymore.
13. Pallet Garden

What I love about this pallet garden is how you can categorize the different areas into different plants. One area could be reserved for vegetables, another for flowers, and another for herbs.
14. Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

This cedar pallet succulent planter would look gorgeous on a patio. Remember, when adding the soil, tilt the pallet at an angle to prevent the soil from going all over the place.

Then, lightly pat the soil with your hand.
15. Living Plant Wall

Protect the boards of your living plant wall by lining them with a trash bag. Simply fold the trash bag at the edges and staple it in place to keep it from budging.
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16. Upcycled Pallet Box

This tutorial gets its wooden pieces from an old picket fence, but it’ll work with pallet boards as well. I’ve got to say, I love how this DIY cheats a little by placing cleats and boards inside the planter box.

It definitely reduces the amount of soil needed by at least half.
17. Free-Standing Herb Garden

Show off your favorite herbs with this free-standing herb garden. Don’t forget to let the wood stain cure for a few days even after it’s dry.

I recommend waiting for at least seven days if you’ll be coating it with a water-based polyurethane clear coat after.

Want to see more cool planter ideas? Check out this pallet train planter from Sterling Davis:

I hope you picked up a thing or two from this list of planter ideas! Now, I think it’s time to grab some pallet boards, a drill and some screws, and your favorite blooms and plants for an afternoon in the garden.

Which planter ideas are you keen on trying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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