Vertical gardens are not exactly news but we feel like they’re not as popular as they could be so today we’re going to have a look at some beautiful and creative designs and ideas that we think could inspire you to add your own vertical garden to...

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This vertical planter offers an interesting interpretation of the honeycomb pattern, featuring little spaces where you . can add soil and plants which together can form a beautiful vertical garden. It’s something that we found on etsy and we think this geometric planter would look lovely in areas like the living room or the kitchen where you could fill it green herbs.

This set includes three sets of planters which means nine pots in total. You can place them in layers to create a tower-like vertical garden or you can arrange them in order ways, depending on how much space is available and how you want to structure your new indoor garden. Check it out on Amazon.

Individually each of these vertical planters is relatively compact which means they’re good for spaces like the kitchen where you can grow fresh herbs. Another option is to combine several planters and to place them side by side, creating a larger and seamless vertical garden which could potentially cover an entire wall. They have waterproof layers which protect the walls and prevent leaking. You can find this on Amazon.

If you’re a fan of industrial design perhaps you’d like to check out this tiered planter which is composed of three metal containers. It has a rugged design and you can either hang it indoor or outdoor to decorate your home and add a green touch to its decor. Check out this product on jossandmain.

With 12 pockets and a simple and versatile design, this vertical planter is made from 100% recycled plastic. It’s waterproof and resistant and you can either display it as such or within a frame. Hang several side by side to create a larger garden. Check it out on Amazon.

These dangling ceramic pots look super cute and while individually they could each be used as regular planters, when hanged they look even better. The set is available on Amazon and includes four mini planters in blue, green, orange and brown connected with jute rope. You can hang them from a wall or from the ceiling.

If you’d rather not make any holes in your walls or your ceiling, a freestanding planter sounds like a good idea. There are numerous designs and options to consider such as for example this one from Amazon. It has a simple design and it holds four large planter bins at different levels. You can put this on the terrace, the balcony or even inside the house if you have enough room for it.

This cedar vertical garden is also pretty great. It has a sturdy wooden frame which gives it stability and six planter slots on each side, meaning 12 in total. There’s a planter on top. You can find this on wayfair and you can place this either indoor or outside in a protected area.
DIY vertical gardens

A tall fence can potentially be turned into a beautiful vertical garden if you hang pots on it. Instead of pots a nice idea can be to use repurposed tin cans. Paint the outside of the cans to make them stand out and plant cute little flowers in each one. This way you can expand your garden in a creative and interesting manner. You can find out details about this project on cieradesign.

A little herb garden would make a wonderful addition to any kitchen and while you might think there couldn’t possibly be any space for it, perhaps these hanging planters can change your mind. You can hang them in corners or anywhere there’s a bit of free space. You can check out inspiredbycharm to find out more about this little project.

This right here is a diamond-shaped hanging planter made out of plywood. The tricky part is cutting out the frame just right. The pot can be something simple like a classic terra cotta pot which you can paint or decorate. The planter is meant to hang on the wall or from the ceiling. Find the details on deucecitieshenhouse.

A farmhouse-style vertical planter has its charm as well, especially in a cozy setup. Putting together the frame is easy and you can use reclaimed wood boards for that, pallet wood or scrap pieces from previous projects. You can paint the frame so it matches the wall behind it and once that is done hanging the pots is the finishing touch. You can check out twelveonmain to find out more about the project.

A frame is not really necessary, not if you choose to hang your pots like this. The system is quite clever, has a built-in drainage system and works with your basic terra cotta pots. The materials required for each pot according to the tutorial from thehorticult include a test plug, two washers, two nuts and two o-rings.

This vertical planter idea from thehorticult is quite similar to the fence garden one we mentioned before with the main difference being that instead of pots this one uses ammunition cans. They’re sleek and simple and they’re also very strong and durable. You can hang these on a fence or a privacy wall out in the yard or the garden.

An empty wall is a blank canvas waiting to be painted, metaphorically speaking in a lot of cases. A trellis plant wall is just one of the many amazing ideas you can go with. The miniature planters look lovely but you can also choose to hang regular-sized ones. Check out the description of the project on vintagerevivals.

This particular project which was featured on homemadelovely is best suited for outdoor areas so perhaps you could find a good spot for something like this in the yard or in the garden. To build it you need ground spikes, cedar posts, planks, wire netting, staples, wire and of course a bunch of terra cotta pots. The pot sit nicely at an angle.

Steel mesh, hooks and a bunch of screws are all it takes to build this vertical garden. The pots can differ in size or shape and you can hang in any pattern you like. The design is simple but you can give it a cheerful and stylish vibe by customizing it. Find out all the details of the project on lanaredstudio.

In the kitchen there’s usually little space for anything that isn’t totally necessary and that can include planters and other such things. Still, you can make it work. Two wall-mounted cabinets framing a window provide the perfect setup for a hanging herb garden. If you want to find out more about this idea, check out thebirdandhersong.

The last DIY vertical planter idea comes from gingersnapcrafts. The supplies needed for this project include the following: cedar boards, deck screws, a miter saw, a drill and sandpaper plus of course potting soil and herbs.

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