Warm Tone Interior Design: A Design Guide With 3 Examples

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Red tones, oranges, yellows, earthy neutrals, and even gold all fall toward the warm side of the colour wheel. Even just the mere sight of this family of hues can make us feel warmer ourselves; they remind us of firelight, sunshine and sandy beaches. Warm colours have the power to make a room feel more intimate and cosy, by visually drawing in the walls of wide spaces. If you’d like to create your own warm and cosy living room, fiery bedroom, or earth toned dining area, then we have the perfect set of home tours for you. Let us guide you through the concept of warm toned interior design with three wonderfully warm examples.

Designer: Studio design HDm2   Visualizer: Home D  

Our first warming interior is a 123 square metre home in Kyiv, Ukraine. A fiery accent chair and a golden yellow sofa make up the lounge area. A white pillow scattered window seat falls palely into the background.

The gold and fire hues are picked up in the rug design that stretches out from beneath the modern sofa.

A gold sputnik chandelier complements the golden couch upholstery.

A modern floor lamp continues the golden home accessory theme, along with a gold side table by the window seat.

In the corner, flames of a modern log burner flicker below a tower of shelves, which hold a cut log store. The fireplace spills heat out onto the adjoined window seat, dispelling the chill from the glass.

Red accent walls burn areas of interest around the edges of the living room, leading out into a hallway and entryway.

Dark paint has the effect of drawing you in, tempting you to explore what lies beyond. A textured TV wall competes for attention against the bold paintwork, with an undulating surface that builds light and shade.

Modern art brings the heat of the accent colour to a plain white wall. A golden wall sconce lights it up.

Another gold wall sconce lights the deep red home entryway.

A dark red console table stands almost camouflaged against a wall of the same shade; the confident all inclusive colour theme builds powerful drama. A shiny glass vase on the tabletop causes a little moment of light. An upholstered red stool chimes a playful note with pattern.

Over in the dining area, it is wood tone that warms the scene. An all wood dining set and a wood chevron floor meld together in conformity.

Rustic wooden base cabinets support an entirely nonconformist kitchen sink, which stands out in a polished stainless steel finish over Belfast-style steep sides. A wall mounted faucet waits poised to fill the unique kitchen sink’s enormous volume.

Wine glasses hang from a wooden rack that runs the length of the stainless steel countertop. Upper cabinets are faced with stainless steel doors to match the worktop and sink, and to reflect the warm light in the room.

Outside, this orange tile balcony would look sunny in just about any weather. Two outdoor chairs look out to the view.

A wood table stands between the chairs and the scenery, so that the homeowners can sip warm herbal tea as they take in the sights and shoot the breeze.

Wooden outdoor relaxer chairs and a rattan side table huddle by a small jungle of mature plants.

Wood tone, natural rattan and orange tiles make a winning warming combination.

Chunky Smeg ovens create a robust country home look in a run of white shaker style cabinets. Glass windows in a number of the cupboard doors reveal beautiful wooden interiors, and a display of crockery, glassware and wine.

The frames of a glass wall bedroom are painted unapologetically red. Red bedroom decor rushes up behind the window glass.

A red bed is crowned with an impressively tall upholstered headboard. Orange-red walls meet with a ceiling of the same colour.

Enchanting gold floral designs grow across white bedside units.

An orange privacy curtain draws in front of the glass wall of an ensuite shower, which is backed in orange dappled terrazzo tile.

Unusual bedside table lamps stand tall like golden candles, burning against the orange headboard wall.

Drawing closer to the bedside, quirky detail within the floral design becomes apparent.

A modern lounge chair sits like a giant smooth grey pebble in the corner of the bedroom. A floor reading lamp makes it into a cosy reading nook. A textured panel undulates under orange paintwork behind.

Traditional style gold shower fixtures accessorise the ensuite orange terrazzo shower enclosure.

Orange tiles get loud beneath a bathroom vanity area with gold fixtures and accessories.

Creamy wall panels bring light relief to another orange bathroom in the home.

Burnt sienna paintwork makes the bathroom feel cosy, closed, and cocoon-like.

White sanitaryware cuts crisply through a heavy bathroom colour scheme.

In a hot colour scheme, black can read as a warm colour too.

The black vanity mirror helps to balance out the saturated wall colour.

Designer: RUDA Studio   Visualizer: RUDA Studio  

Our second design example comes from a home located in Odessa, Ukraine. Here, warm greys meet wood tone, and golden accents dapple the scheme like gentle sunlight. A white round coffee table cuts into the soft neutral decor to freshen it, and to balance out white wall sconces.

LEDs behind floating coving send ambient light spilling down over wood panelled walls and wall art. The floor lamp providing additional cosy glow is the Oda style lamp. Originals are available here.

Golden wall decor hangs behind the dining area by the kitchen. A vase of dried pampas grass provides a feathery accompaniment.

A white and beige kitchen design works around the dining area in an L-shape arrangement. A glossy white marble backsplash reflects the ambient light in the room. A tower of kitchen shelving shines its own soft light into the space.

Textured beige doors sit inside matching beige walls in the peaceful hallway of the home. Warm grey panels add visual weight and a smart finish to the lower half of the passageway. Gold wall sconces and door handles provide a little lustre.

Golden wall cladding shimmers on the way to the living room, as if the walls were molten.

Wood and warm grey accents break up light storage cabinets in the hall.

Gold wall hooks dot the passage.

A warm and creamy bedroom is home to a simple platform bed and work desk.

The bedside pendant light matches frosted golf ball bulbs in the sputnik chandelier. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

Gold strips across the headboard wall echo the finish of the gold sputnik chandelier. The strips are part the unique wall shelves design, where shelves appear to extrude out of the strips as they pass over the home workspace.

Warm grey wainscot panels back a TV at the foot of the bed.

In the second bedroom, a more boxy platform bed design stretches out in rustic wood grain. A vanity stool has been placed beneath a narrow shelf to fashion a slimline dressing table. The bespoke bedroom vanity area appropriately fits the available space without overcrowding.

An elliptical vanity mirror is lit around its edges to create a cosy glow in the bedroom. A set of designer wall sconces builds a glow on the opposite side of the bed.

Mirrored doors conceal a walk in wardrobe. The glass is gently tinted with a tan shade to keep the room scheme looking soft and intimate.

Gentle wood grain spans the bathroom vanity.

Beige-brown mosaic tile textures the bathtub.

Gold fixtures make a warm companion for the beige tile backdrop.

A neat niche hold toiletries close beside a hot bubble bath.

Designer: Grechka  

We guide you lastly around a 306 square metre home, where super soft neutrals mix with a dash of warming wood tone.

Although minimalist in nature, the interior appears warm and inviting due to its hue.

Rounded silhouettes shape the space.

Earthy statement pieces build an organic feel.

Handmade dining room pendant lights group in an eclectic curation.

A yellow-green indoor plant builds on the earthy theme, growing beside bookshelves that huddle inside the walls.

Black legs on the dining room table look terrifically solid and permanent in the open plan room.

Warm grey and wood effect cabinets provide the scenery for a one wall kitchen with island. The island at centre stage is wrapped with white in contrast, which only exaggerates the warmth of the other tones in the room.

Smooth wooden kitchen bar stools line up along the island’s edge, which is fronted in matching wood grain.

Pools of light halo on hallway walls.

An incredible bedroom pendant light duo is suspended over a unique floor bed design. A circle of light cuts through a linen effect feature wall above it.

Huge window blinds drop over an entire wall of glass to cosily swaddle the sleep space.

Indoor plants seek out the sun.

The bedroom pendant lights drop pools of light on the wide platform bed frame, which also serves as bedside tables.

An impressive walk in closet takes the colour theme to a darker shade.

Stone walls and wooden accents texture the bathroom.

Another amazing pendant light dominates the last bedroom.

Cushiony grey bedclothes match a grey bedroom chair. A bedside table lamp shares its illumination between the pillows and the seat.

Unique taupe tiles climb the wall of the final bathroom, accentuated by a backlit vanity mirror.

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