Which 100-yen shop product makes the best janky speaker? We test out 35 different items

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Which one makes a better speaker — a fish bowl or a trash can? Let’s find out!

Our resident 100-yen shop expert Go Hatori recently came across an interesting product as he was browsing the shelves, looking for his latest find. Called the Just Put It On And Amplify the Sound, this gadget is designed to help increase the volume of music playing from a smart phone, for times when playing at max volume just isn’t enough. It’s kind of like an alternative to a bluetooth speaker!

To be fair, the science is there. The sound waves from your phone bounce off the sides and increase the volume. But how much would this gadget amplify the sound coming from Go’s phone?

In order to conduct a fair test, Go experimented with a beautiful piano track, a more upbeat techno track, and finally, his speaking voice.

▼ For reference, here is the control experiment, with just the phone.

▼ And here it is with the “Just Put It On And Amplify the Sound” gadget.

Was there a difference in volume? Just barely.

“What do you expect, you’re only paying 100 yen (US$0.91) for it!” some of you may be thinking, but as Go will gladly tell you, 100 yen shops are a treasure trove for useful and functional products, and shouldn’t be looked down on because of the price.

That being said, Go had to agree that the sound quality coming from the Just Put It On And Amplify the Sound gadget was a little disappointing. Surely, surely there were other products in 100 yen shops that would do the job just as well, if not better?

Go decided to test it out, and scoured 100 yen shops for products he thought would work well as makeshift speakers, bringing home thirty-five different items in total.

▼ The full collection

While some of the products Go bought were a little more pricey, costing 150 or 200 yen, it turned out the three he liked best all cost 100 yen each.

Go’s top three items that can be used as makeshift speakers for your smartphone were: the Daiso-brand Lock Pot Square M, the Urban Stand Partition in Clear Blue from plastics manufacturers Yamada, and the Desk Stand from plastics company Izumi Kasei. Yamada and Izumi Kasei are companies that make products usually found in 100 yen stores, such as Daiso itself.

Daiso’s Lock Pot Square M

The first of the three, Daiso’s Lock Pot is intended to be used as a container for storing dry foods, but Go found it worked great as a speaker, due in large part to the lid, which can fold open and act as a rest for your smartphone.

▼ The Lock Pot in action

▼ Next up is Yamada’s Urban Stand Partition in Clear Blue.

Go particularly liked the fact that this product, originally a stationary tidy, had two compartments, both of which had a slightly different effect. If you put your smartphone in the front compartment, the sound was clear and loud. The back compartment made the audio buzz slightly, giving it a retro feel. If you wanted to listen to the radio, the back compartment would be ideal.

Plus, you get the random bonus of three Scandinavian cities on the front, so you can brush up on your geography while you listen to music.

▼ Yamada’s Urban Stand Partition in Clear Blue with both compartments tested

Izumi Kasei’s Desk Stand also got Go’s stamp of approval.

Similar to the previous item, the Desk Stand also has two compartments, but this time the front compartment has a beautiful, clear sound as the sides are lower.

▼ Izumi Kasei’s Desk Stand

Of course, we here at SoraNews24 are nothing if not thorough when it comes to experiments like these, and so Go tested out all 35 products, which included…

▼ A fish bowl…

▼ …a measuring jug…

▼ …and a tiny trash can.

In fact, here’s the full list, complete with videos, so you can see thema ll for yourself!

▼ Daiso’s Catalog and Menu stand

▼ Daiso’s Pot with Aluminium Lid

▼ Daiso’s Stitch Design Basket

▼ Daiso’s Glass Pot with Lid

▼ Daiso’s Stainless Steel Mug with Hook

▼ Daiso’s Wide Glass Jar

▼ Daiso’s Stoneware Bowl

▼ Daiso’s Graphic Font Cup

▼ Daiso’s Plant Pot (Round)

▼ Daiso’s Glass Flower Vase

▼ Daiso’s Turtle Shell Bowl

▼ Daiso’s Glass Pot with Plastic Lid

▼ Daiso’s Multi-use rice bowl

▼ Daiso’s Tin Basket

▼ Daiso’s Coffee Cups with Lids

▼ Daiso’s Traditional Japanese bowl

▼ Daiso’s Flowerpot with Handles

▼ Inomata’s Dry Food Canister

▼ Daiso’s Glass Cookie Jar

▼ Daiso’s Ceramic Bowl

▼ Daiso’s Natural Square Flower Pot

▼ Daiso’s White Tub

▼ Daiso’s Clear Plastic Cups

▼ Daiso’s Plastic Mug

▼ Daiso’s Water Pot (slim)

▼ Daiso’s Soba Dish

▼ Daiso’s Two Pack Flower Pot

▼ Daiso’s Glass Bowl

If you’ve been looking for a cheap, Bluetooth speaker alternative, there might be something here that takes your fancy. Not only are these alternatives cheaper, but more functional, too! After all, most normal Bluetooth speakers wouldn’t be able to double up as a pen holder, or a drinking vessel, or a literal place to store trash.

Who knows what genius find Go Hatori will uncover at his next trip to the 100 yen store? A fan shaped like poop? A crazy infinity mirror? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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