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I have found, over the course of the last weeks, that one of the hardest parts about staying at home is staying indoors. Face it, getting outside, surrounded by fresh air warmed by the sun, is vital for our health.  Now that it’s spring and the weather is warming up, it’s important to get outdoors. That’s why I designed this At Home TRX Workout to be done outside. Yes, you can do it indoors if the weather is bad or you don’t have space, but, since all you need is a tree or a fence, most of us can find a great spot to work out outside.

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We’ve all been doing At Home Workouts lately. There are many options, some with no equipment, some HIIT style, some using general equipment that most people have. I wanted to change it up, both to get outside and to give you a body-weight workout that is a little different, challenging, and fun.

Training with a TRX or other suspension trainer is a great way to get a functional workout that will strengthen all your major muscle groups while improving balance and working the core.  It is a great addition to your home workout tool chest.
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All you need for this workout is a TRX or other suspension trainer, and a place to hook it up to. I chose a tree, but I’ve also used a fence, backstop, or patio brace. Watch the video below for the full workout. Be sure to turn the volume up and listen to the music of the outdoors!

As with any bodyweight workout, form is very important. Move slowly, keep your core engaged and maintain good posture. I recommend 8-12 repetitions of most exercises. If you find that you can do that easily, either add more repetitions or follow the instructions below to make the move more challenging.

Mixed Row
TRX Length: Short Facing:  Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Lats

I call this a Mixed Row because you will be changing hand positions with each repetition. Keeping your core engaged, straighten your elbows letting your body fall back slightly. Keep your palms facing down as you bend your elbows and pull yourself up. Return to start, turn your palms in and pull yourself up again. Continue, alternating hand positions for reps. Progress by walking your feet closer to the anchor.

Clock Squat
TRX Length: Short Facing: Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Quads, Glutes

Stand straight with your weight on your left leg. Bend your left knee, sitting back slightly, while you extend your right foot to the front (12:00). Return to standing, then repeat the squat extending your right foot to your right (3:00). Do the same to 6:00, 9:00 (cross the right leg behind, curtsey-style), and 12:00. Reverse direction to 9:00, 6:00, 3:00, and 12:00. Repeat on the other side (12:00, 9:00, 6:00, 3:00-curtsey-style), 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00. That is one set. See the video for clarification.

  Bicep Curls
TRX Length: Short Facing: Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Biceps

Holding the straps with your palms up, lean back slightly. Keep your upper arms still as you bend your elbows into a bicep curl. Watch for the tendency to pull your elbows back. Instead, keep your arms out in front. To progress, move your feet closer to the anchor.
Mixed Chest Press
TRX Length: Long Facing: Away from Anchor Muscles Worked: Pecs

Turn away from the anchor and take a strap in each hand. Keep your core engaged and your body straight as you walk your feet toward the anchor and lean forward from the ankles.  Bend your elbows, keeping them out to the side, below your shoulders, palms down. Return to start, turn your palms in. Keep your elbows close to your body as you bend them. Continue, alternating arm positions, for reps. To progress move feet closer to the anchor. 
Kneeling Triceps Extension
TRX Length: Long Facing: Away from Anchor Muscles Worked: Triceps

Start in a kneeling position with a strap in each hand. Lean forward slightly, keeping your body straight, with your arms extended in front of you. Bend your elbows, keeping your upper arms still. Return to start. To progress move your knees closer to the ancho
Lying (supine) Leg Curl
TRX Length: Mid Calf  Muscles Worked: Hamstrings

Lie on your back and hook your feet into the foot straps on each handle. Scoot up a little so that your knees are slightly bent. Lift your hips up, making sure to engage your core. Bend your knees, pulling the straps in without lowering your hips. (In the photo my hips don’t look lifted. Believe me, they are!)
TRX Length: Mid Calf Muscles Worked: Core

Hook your feet into the legs straps. Perform a forearm plank. Make sure to keep your core engaged.
Mountain Climbers
TRX Length: Mid Calf  Muscles Worked: Core

Start in a high plank position with your feet in the foot straps. Engage your core and make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders. Pull one knee in toward your chest, pause for a second, then straighten it out. Repeat, alternating for reps.
One-Leg Deadlift
TRX Length: Mid Calf Facing: Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Glutes, Hamstrings

Stand with your weight on your left leg. Engage your core, squeeze your glutes, and lean over at the hips, extending your right leg behind you. Stand up, bringing your right leg through and lifting the knee. Repeat all the reps, then do the same on the other leg.

Iron Cross (reverse fly)
TRX Length: Mid Calf Facing: Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Posterior Delts, Rhomboids, Traps

Stand straight with your arms out to the side, elbows slightly bent. Lean back. Pull yourself up by pulling your arms together, without changing your elbow angle. Return to starting position and repeat for reps. To progress move your feet closer to the anchor.
Deep Squat
TRX Length: Mid Calf Facing: Toward Anchor Muscles Worked: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings

Stand with a strap in each hand, feet about hip-width apart or slightly wider. Sit back into a deep squat, allowing your hips to push back, keeping your knees in alignment and your core engaged. Press up through your feet and hips. Repeat for reps. Make sure that your positioning is correct so that you don’t round your back or lean back.
Power Pull
TRX Length: Mid Calf Facing: Anchor Muscles Worked: Core, Lats

Stand with both straps in your hands, leaning slightly back as you straighten your elbows. Release the handles with your left hand and reach back. Return your arm to the front and reach up the straps as you pull your right elbow back into a row. Do all the reps on one side then repeat on the other. Note: If you have small hands you can use the foot straps instead of the handles.


Repeat this circuit 1-3 times for a great, total body functional workout.


Here’s the workout video. Like many at-home workouts, the lighting is a little darker than I’d like.


Disclaimer: Although I am a certified Personal Trainer, I am not YOUR Personal Trainer. Always adapt workouts to suit your body and fitness level. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.
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